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  • Snoop's Cousin 3 years ago

    Does anyone have any suggestions for a tough dog toy that my Boston Terrier won't be able to destroy.  Her favorite thing to do is "kill" her toys by ripping all of the stuffing out.  It is getting a little pricey to keep buying her new toys every week and I'm honesty tired of picking up the stuffing that gets spread all over the house.  Does anyone know of an industructable dog toy that is good for small but tough dogs?  

  • Rebecca Paredes 3 years ago

    What about a rope toy? I like the ones that are small enough to throw — that way, they still feel tough chasing after their "prey." Check out this one on Amazon:

    Or if she loves the "tearing" sensation, what about some tennis balls? Cheap, fun, and easy to chew — but tough to destroy!

  • Amica Graber 3 years ago

    Get the Chomp-A-Chump — if she does rip it to shreds, at least you can enjoy the show!


  • Karleigh Miranda 2 days ago

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