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Yorkshire Terrier General Appearance:

Yorkshire Terriers are a very small breed, usually about 7.5 inches tall at the shoulder, and weighing between five and seven pounds. Their compact and well-proportioned build is normal for all Yorkies as they are classified in the toy group by the American Kennel Club. After their distinctively small size, one of the Yorkshire Terrier’s most defining traits is their long, straight hair, although some may have a more wavy coat, the hair must be a fine texture. Yorkie’s sleek and elegant hair does not shed, and is parted down the middle from the skull down the length of the body.

Coloration for Yorkshire Terriers ranges from a combination of the following: dark steel-blue and tan, dark steel-blue and gold, black and tan, and black and gold. A Yorkie puppy will have a different color as a puppy than once they mature. The final coat color is usually a black and steel color. Their medium sized eyes and dark in color, as are the nose and paw pads. Yorkshire Terriers have a medium length muzzle, well-proportioned triangular ears that are set vertically. A Yorkie’s tail is usually docked to half the natural length.

Yorkshire Terrier Temperament:

Yorkies are a vigorous, affectionate breed with medium energy levels. Due to their small size, they do not require as much physical activity as larger breeds, but they do need attention and mental stimulation. The Yorkshire Terrier has an upright carriage which can be seen as an air of self-importance. They are very fond of attention and can become overprotective, but generally Yorkies easily adapt to their surroundings.

Yorkshire Terrier Fun Fact:

The first therapy dog was a Yorkie! An American soldier found a Yorkshire Terrier during WWII, named her Smoky, and traveled with her for years. Smoky toured hospitals as a therapy dog for wounded soldiers and has a monument dedicated to her memory in Cleveland, Ohio.