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Vizsla General Appearance:

The Vizsla is a medium-sized dog known for their golden, rust-colored coat. A member of the hunting group, the Vizsla has a slender, strong body, giving them an agile and powerful appearance. Vizslas have a wide head with a square muzzle. The eyes and nose are brown, matching their coat color. They have sturdy, well-developed legs and compact feet. Their coat is dense, short, and smooth and lies close to the body. Coloring is always solid, with the occasional white markings on the chest.

Vizsla Temperament:

Vizslas are gentle, affectionate dogs with an irrefutable desire to hunt! They are an energetic breed that should be taken on long walks and given the chance to follow scents outdoors. A Vizsla is a natural retriever, so fetch is also a favorite! If your Vizsla spends too much time inactive or indoors, they will become unhappy and destructive. They are an intelligent breed, so consistent, firm training is necessary to combat any innate stubbornness. Vizslas are happiest with a loving family, and as long as they are given plenty of exercise and attention, they will be a devoted, well-mannered pet!

Vizsla Fun Fact:

The Vizsla ranks as the 25th smartest dog breed!

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