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St. Bernard General Appearance:

The St. Bernard is famous for being one of the largest dog breeds in the world! A big St Bernard can weigh over 300 pounds! The average Saint Bernard weight is between 140 and 260 pounds. They stand up to 35 inches tall at the withers. Despite their imposing build, Saint Bernards have soft, gentle faces with big brown eyes. Saint Bernard puppies are round and fluffy! As they grow, the coat remains short, and they typically have reddish base coats with white markings.

St. Bernard Temperament:

The Saint Bernard is the personification of a gentle giant! They’re calm, patient, and sweet, and they do particularly well with children — even very young children. Historically, the Saint Bernard was a search and rescue dog in the Swiss Alps, where they found survivors of avalanches. Monks bred the Saint Bernard as early as the 1700s. St. Bernard puppies learned how to search and rescue avalanche victims from older Saint Bernards, not the monks. They’re a highly intelligent breed of dog.

St. Bernard Fun Fact:

Barry the St. Bernard saved between 40 to 100 pounds during the 1800s. His most famous rescue was finding a young boy freezing to death inside a cave of ice. He licked the boy awake, and then carried him on his back to safety. He was immortalized as a statue in Paris after his death.