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Lowchen General Appearance:

The Lowchen has a bright, lively expression thanks to their large, round eyes and pendant ears. They have a smooth build and a high-set tail, which falls in a loose curve over the back. Without excessive grooming, the Lowchen have a long, soft coat, which can be any color! Oftentimes, the Lowchen is groomed with the lion trim, where most of the hair on the front portion of the dog is long, while the hindquarters and tail are trimmed short.

Lowchen Temperament:

The Lowchen is an energetic and lively breed, and they make great companions for both active and low-key homes. Lowchens were bred for hundreds of years to sit alongside European aristocrats, and their open, well-mannered, friendly demeanor shows it! A unique characteristic of the Lowchen is that they are accepting of strangers, children, and other dogs alike. But no pup is without a few quirks! The Lowchen is known as a barker and a digger.

Lowchen Fun Fact:

The naming and grooming of the Lowchen seems to be a bit of a chicken-and-egg situation. Löwchen means “little lion” in German, and this dog has historically been groomed to look as such. Which came first? The haircut or the name?