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Kuvasz General Appearance:

The Kuvasz is a large, muscular dog with a powerful build. They are slightly longer than they are tall, and have a broad back, tucked stomach, and a long, low-carried tail. The Kuvasz dog breed has a clean, proportionate head, and V-shaped ears which are slightly rounded at the tips. The Kuvasz dog has a fine undercoat that is covered by a coarse, medium-length outer coat, which can be straight or wavy— although the hair on the head and feet is always short and smooth. Coat coloring on a Kuvasz is always white.

Kuvasz Temperament:

Kuvasz are natural protectors. They are an extremely loyal, and fearless breed, and they do very well with families. Because of their long history of acting as guard dogs, they are highly protective of their humans, particularly children. The Kuvasz can be aggressive when introduced to strangers or other dogs which they see as threatening. This makes the Kuvasz an incomparable guard dog, but due to their independent nature, they can be stubborn and more difficult to train.

Kuvasz Fun Fact:

The Kuvasz breed has a rich history! Clay boards were found in northern Mesopotamia from 1300 BC with the name "ku-assa," which means “dog-horse." It’s believed that Kuvasz dogs were traveling guard dogs bred to watch over riders and horses!