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Jack Russell General Appearance:

The Jack Russell Terrier is a well-balanced, proportioned dog, which was bred to keep up with horses and fit into tight spaces while hunting foxes. They have a flat skull, and their small, V-shaped ears drop toward their eyes. The Jack Russell Terrier’s almond-shaped eyes are dark in color and convey an intelligent expression. Their athletic body is clean and muscular, and ends with a high-set, docked tail. Jack Russell Terriers have compact, catlike, round feet and a dense, close outer coat. Their coat can vary in color, but usually is white on most of the body, with tan, black, or brown markings.

Jack Russell Temperament:

Jack Russell Terriers are a high-energy, playful, and naturally curious breed. They enjoy being in the midst of the action and are always ready for playtime! Jack Russell Terriers love children, and their spunky attitudes will be sure to keep your family entertained. However, they can be aggressive with other dogs, and have been known to chase a cat or two. Make sure you socialize a Jack Russell Terrier with any other pets before bringing them home.

Jack Russell Fun Fact:

Jack Russell Terriers can jump five times their own height! That means a 12-inch-tall Jack Russell Terrier can leap five feet in the air!