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Italian Greyhound General Appearance:

The Italian Greyhound is a smaller, more slender version of the Greyhound. They have long, flat heads and a dark nose. Italian Greyhounds have bright, expressive eyes that are dark in color and convey intelligence. Their ears are small, and lay flat against the head unless they are alert. Then, the ears become folded on top of the head. They have slender, low-carried tails that have a slight upward curve. Italian Greyhounds have short, soft coats which can be almost any color and have any markings, with the exception of brindle or black and tan.

Italian Greyhound Temperament:

Italian Greyhounds are a gentle breed, and can be quite submissive. They are very dependent on their owner and respond best with patient, consistent training. They prefer calm households, so be aware if they’re around large dogs or in rowdy situations. Italian Greyhounds can get stressed easily, causing them to get snappy, but they usually respond well to calm, soothing petting. They have the same love for chasing as their Greyhound cousin, so make sure to keep an eye on them when they play off-leash.

Italian Greyhound Fun Fact:

The Italian Greyhound has been featured in paintings by many famous artists, including Giotto, Velasquez, and Pisanello.