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Brussels Griffon General Appearance:

The Brussels Griffon is a toy dog, usually weighing between eight to 10 pounds. They are sturdy, thickset dogs with short bodies, and their coat can be either rough or smooth. A rough coat is wiry and dense, and a smooth coat is straight and glossy. The coat color of the Brussels Griffon dog can be red, belge, black and tan, or solid black.

Due to their large, prominent eyes and long eyelashes, the Brussel Griffon is known for their human-like expressions!

Brussels Griffon Temperament:

The Brussels Griffon dog is known to be a lovebug! They are loyal, alert, and love to play, which makes this breed a great choice for families with children. The breed is somewhat active, so Griffs and Brussels Griffon puppies love to go on long walks!

The Brussels Griffon is a loyal dog, and they tend to bond more with one human over others. They get along well with other animals in the house — even cats!

Brussels Griffon Fun Fact:

If you think the Brussels Griffon dog looks like a certain Star Wars character, you’re right! Makeup artist Stuart Freeborn designed Ewoks using the Brussels Griffon — the type of dog owned by George Lucas — as inspiration!

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