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Belgian Sheepdog Appearance

The Belgian Sheepdog (also frequently called the Belgian Shepard) is a medium-to-large dog usually weighing between 44 to 65 pounds. They can be 24 to 26 inches tall. The Belgian Sheepdog has four varieties, each with a distinct appearance.

Groenendael Belgian Sheepdogs have a double coat of coarse, long, solid black hair.

Laekenois Belgian Sheepdogs have a wiry, fawn coat with black mask and black ears.

Malinois Belgian Sheepdogs have short mahogany hair with a black mask and black ears.

Tervuren Belgian Sheepdogs have the mahogany coloring of the Malinois, but the long coat of the Groenendael.

Belgian Sheepdog Temperament

Belgian Sheepdogs are highly intelligent, loyal, and energetic. They can make a good family pet as long as you can give them room to run around and plenty of exercise. They can be protective of their home and family. If not properly trained or socialized, they can be aggressive toward other dogs.

Belgian Sheepdog Fun Fact

Belgian Sheepdogs were used in one of the most unusual police K-9 programs in the world. Police in North Wales trained their dogs to headbutt running criminals rather than bite. The goal is to slow down the criminals to allow police to catch up to them.

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