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Basenji General Appearance

Basenjis are small, muscular dogs. They are typically 16 or 17 inches tall at the shoulder. The coat is short, and colors can be chestnut, black, or brindle. The feet, chest, and tail tip of the Basenji are always white. The tail is curled, but straightens when the dog sprints. They are usually stronger than their size indicates, and are known for their distinctive trot.

Basenji Temperament

Basenjis are high energy, but very meek and shy, especially around people they don’t know. They almost never bark, but can growl or even scream when frightened or threatened. They tend to bond strongly with one particular person.

Since Basenjis were originally bred as hunting dogs, they will shoot off after a smaller creature like a squirrel if it catches their eye. For this reason, good leash training and an impenetrable fenced in area are essential for keeping Basenjis from running off. This also makes Basenjis a poor family dog if you already have a cat.

Basenji Fun Fact

The Basenji was bred in Congo, and was originally used to help hunters chase game into nets. One of the native names for the Basenji is M'bwa m'kube M'bwa wamwitu, which translates to “Jumping up and down dog.”

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