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Australian Shepherd Appearance:

The Australian Shepherd is a medium size dog that is good with kids and heat. Aussies have triangular ears which sit high upon their heads. They have straight or wavy coats and are multicolored.

The blue merle Australian Shepherd is actually a black dog with the color broken up by irregular patches of gray. These irregularities can vary from a blue-black Australian Shepherd to a very light coat that resembles a powder blue. A double merle dog is a mostly white Australian Shepherd. In fact, a double merle Australian Shepherd is sometimes referred to as a lethal white, which many Aussie lovers consider a derogatory term for their beloved pooch! Unfortunately, the double merle Australian Shepherd can have some deformities, like eye defects.

The red merle Australian Shepherd, also known as the Aussie rose, has marbled red, white, and buff fur. All Australian Shepherds have long, coarse coats.

Australian Shepherd puppies weigh approximately 52 pounds. A full-sized Australian Shepherd weighs 70 pounds.

Australian Shepherds are characteristically notable for having a cute bobtail, which is either docked or kept at full length. The mini Australian Shepherd was developed by breeding smaller Australian Shepherds until they reached the desired size. As of 2016, Miniature Australian Shepherds are considered a breed independent of full-size Aussies by the AKC! The smaller breed of Aussies are also known as the toy Australian Shepherd.

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Australian Shepherd Temperament:

Aussies are high-energy dogs that enjoy learning new tricks, playing, and going for long runs. Australian Shepherd puppies will require plenty of training, socialization, and physical engagement. Otherwise, Australian Shepherds can get destructive if they don't have any outlets to divert their endless energy!

Australian Shepherd Fun Fact:

Australian Shepherds are not from Australia! They’re from the Basque region of the Pyrenees Mountains.