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The Pumi is a medium-sized dog that is a part of the herding group and was first recognized by the American Kennel Club in 2016. The majority of Pumi dogs are black in color, but they can also be white or different shades of grey. The Pumi has the intelligence of the herding dog and the alertness of the terrier, so they work best when they have daily tasks to do. The Pumi is a thinking dog that learns quickly and also makes a great house dog as long as they get enough exercise. While they are small in numbers outside of Hungary, the Pumi is slowly becoming known in other parts of the world.

Pumi Fast Facts

12-13 years
27-29 lbs
22-24 lbs
16-18 ½ Inches
15-17 ½ Inches
Poomi, Puli
Hungarian Pumi



The Pumi dog is not only energetic and lively, but they are also willing to work....

As a member of the herding group, Pumi dogs make great hunting and guard dogs because of how alert they are. They are incredibly intelligent and very easy to train. While the Pumi dog can be reserved with strangers, it is due to their natural need to assess each situation. They are great dogs to have on a farm, but they also make great house pets. Pumi dogs are independent and good with children and other pets. As long as the Pumi can get enough exercise they can easily adapt to different environments.

Caring For a Pumi

The Pumi dog has a short, curly coat that is low maintenance....

They should be brushed every two weeks and groomed every three months. While their coat only sheds when brushed, it is important to wet the coat after brushing in order to allow it to curl back up. The Pumi dog is very active and needs a lot of exercise, so they are not recommended for apartment living. Pumi dogs are best suited for living on a farm where they will have enough exercise and work to do. While they are easy to train, they can also be very shy so socializing them as puppies is important to counteract that.

Pumi History

Breed History

The Pumi dog first developed in the early 1700s when it was bred from the Puli....

Pumi dogs have evolved into their own breed over the years, particularly in Hungary. The Pumi was first mentioned by name in 1815 and imported into Finland in 1972. While it has become a common herding dog in Finland, it remains most popular in its home country of Hungary. Hungary has produced a variety of livestock dogs, which is what the Pumi is best equipped for. Pumi dogs have many functions as working dogs, but they have historically been used for herding cattle and guarding the farm. The AKC recognized the Pumi dog in 2016, but they are still not very well known or widely populated outside of Hungary.