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Puggle Dog Breed Info & Pictures

So what is a puggle? Half pug, half beagle all cuteness! This adorable little fellow weighs between 15 to 40 lbs and typically stands at 8 to 15 inches from the withers. The Puggle has become a popular mixed breed for families with kids. This gentle pup is a super friendly dog who will relish being part of a home with a large brood. The Puggles coat can be a variety of colors, but is most commonly tan, fawn, or black. The Puggle snout is either elongated, like the Beagle, or squished, like the Pug. This depends on the genetics of the dog, and varies among Puggle puppies.

Puggle Fast Facts

10 - 15 years
15 - 40 lbs
8” to 15”
Pugle, Puglle, pugles, pugle dog
Pug Beagle mix, Bug, Buggle, Peagle



The Puggle is the perfect mix of a Beagles inquisitive nature and a Pugs companion-loving sweetness....

The Puggle is lively, inquisitive, playful, and sweet-natured.

Caring For a Puggle

The Puggle dog has a short, relatively low-maintenance coat, and shedding varies among Puggles....

All Puggles are moderate shedders (at least) and are not considered to be a hypoallergenic breed. Puggles are short-haired dogs, and only require bathing when they become stinky.

Puggle History

Breed History

The first Puggle was born in the 1980s in Wisconsin....

Breeder Wallace Havens produced the first Puggle, but this little cutie didnt gain popularity until 2005 when media attention in the news and magazines skyrocketed the Puggles popularity.