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The friendly and energetic Pomsky is a mix of a Siberian Husky and a Pomeranian. As with all hybrid breeds, the appearance and temperament of a Pomsky can vary since they will have characteristics from both of their parent breeds. The fluffy, loving Pomsky is a pretty new breed, so Pomsky breeders are still working on the ideal look. Generally, a Pomsky should look like a small version of a Siberian Husky. This means they will have be medium sized and well proportioned, with almond-shaped eyes, a curved tail, and small, triangular ears that stand erect. Pomsky pups have a double coat with a soft, fluffy, and silky outer coat. Coat coloring is usually a combination of white, black, cream, and grey similar to their Husky parent.

Pomsky Fast Facts

13 - 15 years
Very recent
20 - 30 pounds
10 - 15 inches
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Pomskies are intelligent, confident, loving, and playful....

They usually inherit the most desirable traits from both parent breeds, and their mixed genes can balance out some of the undesirable characteristics. But just as their appearance can range by favoring one parent breed over the other, so can their temperament. Like Pomeranians, a Pomsky will be protective of their family, despite their small size. Pomeranians can be wary of young children, strangers, or other animals, so its important to socialize your Pomsky puppy at a young age. They will bark and be fearless toward any threat to their family, so they are a great option if youre interested in the guard dog qualities of a Husky without the size.

Caring For a Pomsky

Make sure you have plenty of time to exercise your playful Pomsky!...

Pomskies are high-energy pups, so in addition to taking them on plenty of walks and making trips to the dog park, you also have to make sure that their food meets all of their nutritional needs. Even if theyre just playing at home with you, they need to burn a ton of energy throughout the day. Pomskies are an intelligent breed, but can inherit the stubborn nature of the Pomeranian. They should be trained with calm, assertive commands and reward-based methods. A Pomskys soft, thick coat will shed moderately, so they should be brushed and groomed regularly to keep their coat in good shape. The coat on a Pomsky can vary, but they will blow their coat in the summer, so prepare for about a month of extreme shedding and lots of vacuuming! You can speak to your Pomsky breeder if coat length and care is a concern for you.

Pomsky  History

Breed History

The Pomsky is a very recent addition to the designer dog lineup, and has only been bred within the last few years....

Despite the breeds short history, they are skyrocketing in popularity thanks to their ridiculous good looks and well-rounded personality. As of 2016, the Pomsky is one of the top 10 most beloved designer dogs!