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The Northern Inuit Dog is a sleek, muscular, medium-sized dog, which came to fame in the HBO series Game Of Thrones. Northern Inuit Dogs were cast to play direwolves, and have become a popular choice for dog owners looking for a dog that looks like a wolf. Northern Inuit Dogs are a mix of Siberian Huskies, German Shepherds, and other Inuit breeds. Despite looking like a wolf, Northern Inuits have no wolf content in their DNA.

Northern Inuit Dog Fast Facts

12 - 14 years
79 -110 lb
55 - 84 lb
23 - 32 inches
23 - 28 inches
Northern Innuit, Northern Inuit
Direwolf Dog, Game Of Thrones dog, wolf dogs



The Northern Inuit Dog is not suitable for a first-time dog owner, as they can be stubborn and quick-witted....

But theyre friendly, gentle, and calm. If you want a dog for protection, dont get reality confused with television! This breed is too loving to serve as a guard dog. The highly intelligent Northern Inuit Dog will respond to training, but youll need to be a strong pack leader for your Northern Inuit to take notice!

Caring For a Northern Inuit Dog

Northern Inuit Dogs are pack animals, and will do well with another dog for company....

Early socialization and training is a must, and Northern Inuits need daily exercise as well as a large enclosed area to play preferably a fenced yard. Like Huskies, Northern Inuits are heavy shedders, and will require daily brushing. Never shave a Northern Inuit, as double-coated dogs should never be shaved.

Northern Inuit Dog History

Breed History

Northern Inuit Dogs were bred in England, although their stock is descended from Canada....

The first Northern Inuit Dog came about in the late 1980s by breed founder Eddie Harrison. Harrison mixed several unknown mixed dogs with Huskies and German Shepherds to produce a dog that closely mirrored a wolf, with the loving nature of a domesticated dog. Today, there are several breed societies for the Northern Inuit Dog, but its not officially recognized by the AKC.