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Manchester Terrier (Toy) Dog Breed Info & Pictures

The Toy Manchester Terrier is a smaller variety of the standard Manchester, though they are essentially the same breed. The head is thin and narrow, with the muzzle and skull being the same length. The eyes are almond shaped and black in color. They are fairly close set and gently slanted up at the outer corners. The ears are natural and erect, wide at the bottom with tapered tips. The nose is always black. The neck is slim and of moderate length, leading to a sturdy, small yet muscular body. The tail is tapered and fairly short, and ends at the hock joint. It is carried with a slight curve. The coat is short, dense, and shiny. Coloring is black with deep tan.

Manchester Terrier (Toy) Fast Facts

13 - 16 years
19th century
Less than 12 lb
Less than 12 lb
10 - 12"
10 - 12"
Manchester Tarier, Manchestur Terrier, or Manchester Terier
Black and Tan Toy Terrier, English Toy Terrier



The Toy Manchester Terrier exhibits many of the qualities associated with the Terrier group, though technically speaking the dog belongs to the Toy group....

This means they are energetic, brave, agile and sometimes mischievous; chasing cats and other small pets is a favorite pastime. They can exhibit aggressive tendencies, and to combat this they should be socialized from the puppy age. Because of their snappiness, they are not recommended for households with young children or small pets. However, they do make great pets for adults who are able to devote time and attention to properly training them. They enjoy exercise and excel at pursuits like obedience and agility trials.

Caring For a Manchester Terrier (Toy)

The Toy Manchester Terrier is very low maintenance, and requires little exercise and grooming....

The dog does not like cold weather, and should be kept inside. An occasional brushing is sufficient for this dog, as it does not shed very much. Keep the ears clean and nails clipped. Health problems are rare, but may include von Willebrands disease, deafness, progressive retinal atrophy and heart problems.

Manchester Terrier (Toy) History

Breed History

Also known as the Black and Tan Toy Terrier, the Toy Manchester Terrier originated in Manchester, England....

The breed came about when a dog owner named John Hulme mated a Whippet with the Black and Tan Terrier, long known in England as a skilled ratter. This is why you see the roached back in the Toy Manchester Terrier that is typically not seen in other terrier breeds. The new breed of terrier was designated in the year 1860 and it soon spread through Britain and eventually to the United States, where it was recognized by the American Kennel Club in 1886. In 1923, the Manchester Terrier Club of America was formed, and in 1938 the American Toy Manchester Terrier Club was formed.Until 1959 the Manchester Terrier and the Toy Manchester Terrier were recognized as separate breeds. After 1959, they were considered one breed with two different varieties, and many breeders today cross breed the Standard and the Toy. In days past, Toy Manchester Terriers were carried in pouches which were hung from a horse rider's belt. These days, these spunky little dogs are most commonly kept as pets rather than as vermin killers.