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The Manchester Terrier is a small dog that is black and tan in color. The long, narrow head appears as a blunt wedge shape, and the skull and muzzle are equal in length. The almond-shaped eyes are very dark brown to the point of being black, slanted up at the outer corners, fairly close together. There are three ear types that are acceptable for this breed: the erect natural ear, the cropped ear, or the button ear. The nose is always black and the underjaw features strong definition. The medium-length neck is slender and leads to a small yet finely muscled body. On the front feet, the two middle toes are a bit longer than the rest. The tail is thin, tapered and reaches the hock joint. The coat is smooth, shiny, short and dense. Coloring is pure black and mahogany, which do not blend into one another but form distinctive areas of color. Tan markings are visible on the muzzle, chest and legs and may also appear in other places as well.

Manchester Terrier Fast Facts

15 - 16 years
16th century
12 - 22 lb
12 - 22 lb
15 - 16"
15 - 16"
Manchester Tarier, Manchestur Terrier, or Manchester Terier.
Black and Tan Terrier


Like many terriers, the Manchester Terrier is a breed with high energy and a mischievous streak; unlike some other terriers, the dog tends to be very responsive to his master....

Manchesters are quite athletic and excel in feats of agility, but they tend to be calm while indoors. The Manchester Terrier loves to please and learns quickly. However, these dogs can be quite stubborn when they want to be left alone and can tend towards snappiness. This is why early and frequent socialization is so important. The Manchester Terrier does best with a handler who can offer consistent, steady discipline. Take great care when keeping a Manchester Terrier around other pets or children because of its dominance issues and potentially aggressive tendencies.

Caring For a Manchester Terrier

The Manchester Terrier requires very little grooming because of its short coat....

They are average shedders and need only a periodic brushing every now and then. Nails should be clipped regularly and care should be taken to keep ears clean. A brisk walk or game everyday should satisfy the dogs exercise requirements. Health problems are rare, but could potentially include von Willebrands disease, progressive retinal atrophy, patellar luxation and hypothyroidism.

Manchester Terrier History

Breed History

The modern Manchester Terrier hails from Manchester, England, and traces its origins to a breed called the Black and Tan Terrier, whose use in England as a ratter goes back to the Middle Ages....

In 19th century Manchester, ratting and rabbit hunting were popular pursuits and were often called poor man's sports, and it was there that a man named John Hulme mated a Whippet bitch with a Black and Tan Terrier, producing what we would recognize today as the Manchester. Many other dog enthusiasts liked what they saw, and the breed quickly gained popularity.In 1860, Manchester became a breeding center for these dogs which soon spread across Britain and eventually to the United States, where the breed would be recognized by the American Kennel Club in 1887. In 1923, the Manchester Terrier Club of America was formed. The Manchester Terrier comes in two varieties Standard and Toy. Before 1959, the two were recognized as separate breeds; since then, however, the standard has changed to recognize the Standard and Toy as two varieties of the same breed.