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This section contains in depth information on all AKC recognized dog breeds. In addition to the more serious information about dog breed characteristics, care, and history, we have also included pictures and reader-submitted stories so you can have some fun while you do your research.

Tibetan Mastiff

The Tibetan Mastiff is a large, heavily built dog whose bearing should convey seriousness, strength and power. The head is heavy and broad with some wrinkling, a strong stop, and high set v-shaped ears. The eyes are almond shaped, brown, and convey a look of intelligence, nobility, alertness and aloofness. The muzzle is square and broad, and houses strong teeth that meet in a scissors bite. The neck is powerful and covered with a heavy, upstanding mane. The chest is deep and the back muscu... read more about the Tibetan Mastiff.

Tibetan Spaniel

The Tibetan Spaniel, or Tibby as it is affectionately called, is a small and alert breed, slightly longer than tall. The head is proportionally small, with a dome skull, pendant ears, and oval shaped brown eyes that are set well apart. The muzzle is blunt and the bite undershot. Overall, the face tends to be very expressive. The tail is set high with a rich plume, and is carried over the back when the dog is in motion. The dog has hare feet with long feathering between the toes. The Tibeta... read more about the Tibetan Spaniel.

Tibetan Terrier

Square and well covered by its coat, the Tibetan Terrier is a powerful, medium sized dog. The skull is neither broad nor fine, and narrows toward the front. The eyes are large, dark and set far apart. Heavily feathered, v-shaped ears hang down on the sides of the head. The feet are distinctively large, round and flat, and appear to be well adapted to walking in snow. The entire body and head are covered with a profuse coat that covers the face and hangs straight or wavy from the body. The... read more about the Tibetan Terrier.

Toy Fox Terrier

The Toy Fox Terrier is an athletic toy dog with a smooth, well proportioned outline. They have square yet graceful looking streamlined bodies that are relatively equal in height and length. The head is elegant and slightly rounded. Other distinctive facial features are flat cheeks, round expressive eyes, a strong muzzle and erect, V-shaped ears, which are set high on the head and fairly close together. The short, high-set tail and small feet add to the overall agile appearance. The coat is... read more about the Toy Fox Terrier.