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This section contains in depth information on all AKC recognized dog breeds. In addition to the more serious information about dog breed characteristics, care, and history, we have also included pictures and reader-submitted stories so you can have some fun while you do your research.

German Pinscher

The German Pinscher is an elegant, muscularly built dog. It is a proportional dog with its length equal to its height. Its skull is elongated in the shape of a wedge with an alert expression. Its eyes are dark, oval, and medium sized. The ears are set high and may be cropped or uncropped. If cropped, they stand erect; if uncropped, the ears are folded over with a V-shape. The muzzle is equal to the length of the top skull. The bite is scissored and strong. The tail is docked between the se... read more about the German Pinscher.

German Shepherd Dog

With smooth curves and powerful, well developed features, the German Shepherd Dog is like the sports car of canines. The head is evenly proportioned, with no one feature standing out as exaggerated or out of place. Ears are pointed and carried erect, eyes are dark and almond shaped, with an alert and intelligent expression. The muzzle is strong, long and wedge shaped, and houses a jaw that meets in a scissors bite. The long forequarters accentuate the chest and shoulders, and give the dog... read more about the German Shepherd Dog.

German Shorthaired Pointer

The German Shorthaired Pointer dog, with its athletic physique and smooth lines, conveys the image of a competent and well-rounded hunter. The head is clean-cut and well-developed, with the ears sitting high and lying flat against the dog's relatively broad skull. The eyes are almond-shaped and dark brown in color, conveying an expression of intelligence and alertness. The body is compact and strong, with a short back and deep chest. The forequarters are long and well-muscled, and the hind... read more about the German Shorthaired Pointer.

German Wirehaired Pointer

A tough and determined pointer of medium size, the German Wirehaired Pointer is built to hunt. The head is well proportioned, with a medium stop and a muzzle that is equal to the skull in length. Eyes are dark brown, almond shaped, and convey a look of expressive intelligence. The face is ornamented with a distinctive beard, whiskers, eyebrows and a large, brown nose. The dog has a scissors bite. The body is well muscled and athletic, with a short, straight back, prominent tuck up, long le... read more about the German Wirehaired Pointer.

Giant Schnauzer

Meet the Giant Schnauzer! Giant Schnauzer puppies are bundles of energy, with just a hint of the trademark whiskers seen on the adult Giant Schnauzer. As they mature, the Giant Schnauzer becomes a large and formidable companion, with a natural urge to protect their families. Giant Schnauzers are robust dogs, with a well-muscled body that requires vigorous exercise to keep the Giant Schnauzer is shape. Physically, the Giant Schnauzer has a rectangular head, with deep-set oval eyes that are... read more about the Giant Schnauzer.

Glen of Imaal Terrier

The Glen of Imaal Terrier is a dog of classic terrier features. Its compact body is longer than it is tall; its forequarters are bowed and its feet are turned out. The head is powerful with its eyes dark, round, and set well apart. Ears are small and can be half-pricked and are set apart and back on the skull. The skull is broad and slightly domed with a strong muzzle, black nose, and either a scissors or level bite. The tail is docked to half its length. The Glen of Imaal Terrier has a do... read more about the Glen of Imaal Terrier.

Golden Retriever

The Golden Retriever is a powerfully built and well-proportioned dog, whose looks bring to mind a breed designed to hunt and retrieve. The skull is broad and rounded, with a well defined stop and smooth muzzle with a scissors bite. The nose is black or dark brown, and the eyes are deep brown with an amiable and intelligent expression. The neck, chest and forequarters are strong and well developed; the back is level and the body is short coupled. The feet are medium sized and round, and the... read more about the Golden Retriever.


The Goldendoodle is the happy-go-lucky cross between a Golden Retriever and a Poodle. Also known as the Groodle, Goldendoodles can vary in size depending on their parent Poodle. A mini Goldendoodle, also called a toy Goldendoodle, can weigh as little as 15 pounds, while a standard Goldendoodle may weigh as much as 100 pounds! Goldendoodle dogs have three coat types: straight, wavy, and curly. Some Goldendoodle puppies have straight coats when theyre young, which becomes curly as they grow old... read more about the Goldendoodle.

Gordon Setter

The Gordon Setter is a stylish, friendly looking dog with a firm build. The coat is soft and smooth, often times with a wavy texture, and is one of the identifying characteristics of the breed. The hair is longer on the ears, the chest, under the stomach and on the rear of the legs and tail than elsewhere on the body. Coloring is black and tan. The dogs bright, dark eyes carry a wise expression and are set into a relatively narrow and deep head. The Gordon Setter has a broad nose with blac... read more about the Gordon Setter.

Great Dane

The Great Dane is an impressively large yet elegant breed with a muscular and well-built body. While the fawn color does tend to have a dark muzzle and perhaps ears, Danes come in at least 7 different color patterns (brindle, blue, black, black-masked fawn, harlequin, or mantle) and there are several other variations within those. The dogs rectangular head is long with well defined features and a brave, expressive face. Both the eyes and the ears are medium sized and generally dark in colo... read more about the Great Dane.

Great Pyrenees

The Great Pyrenees is an elegant mixture of form and function. Their bodies are slightly longer than they are tall with the bone structure to compliment their size. The head is slightly rounded at the crown and wedge shaped at the muzzle. Their eyes are dark brown and almond shaped, adding to their expression of intelligence. Their ears are medium in size and carried close to the head at eye level in a V-shape. They have a smooth muzzle which blends nicely into their head. The bite can eit... read more about the Great Pyrenees.

Greater Swiss Mountain Dog

The Greater Swiss Mountain Dog, or Swissy as it is sometimes called, is a large, strong and confident breed with heavy bones and well developed muscles. The dogs body is a little longer than it is tall, and is covered with a dense coat of approximately one to two inches in length. The coat is black on top, with white and rust colored markings on the body. The head is flat and broad with almond shaped, medium-sized brown eyes, and in adults the nose is black. Rust markings adorn the undersi... read more about the Greater Swiss Mountain Dog.


The Greyhound is a thin, elegant animal known for its speed. The head is long, narrow, and fluid. The skull is wide between the ears with a very slight stop and the muzzle is strong with even teeth. The ears are small and set back, pricking only when at attention. The eyes are dark and intense. The tail is long and fine, with a tapering at the end and an outward curve. The legs are incredibly powerful, and allow the Greyhound to execute the double suspension gallop, resulting in tremendous... read more about the Greyhound.