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Kerry Blue Terrier Dog Breed Info & Pictures

The Kerry Blue Terrier is a balanced and muscled breed with a strong bone structure. The head is long with small dark eyes; ears are carried high on the head with a v-shape and folded towards the front of the skull. The nose has strong nostrils and is black in color, and the jaw is strong with the upper teeth slightly overlapping the bottom. The dogs back is short and straight, and its tail set high and carried erect. The coat is wavy, full and soft; coloring is blue-gray or slate and may be darker on the extremities and the head.

Kerry Blue Terrier Fast Facts

13 - 15 years
18th century
33 - 40 lb
Slightly less
18 - 19.5"
17.5 - 19"
Kerrie Blue Terrier, Karry Blue Terrier, or Kery Blue Terrier.
Irish Blue Terrier


The Kerry Blue Terrier is a friendly active dog that is entertaining for children and adults alike....

Faithful to his terrier stock, the Kerry Blue is busy, bold and feisty. The sight of a small animal, such as cat, will awake his chasing instinct, and harassing other pets is indeed one of the breeds favorite pastimes. Strangers and strange dogs are likewise treated with mistrust. Typically, the Kerry Blue Terrier will behave aggressively toward strange dogs and coldly toward strangers. However, the dog never forgets a familiar face and will always show his pleasure to see you once youve been properly introduced. As one would expect from such a versatile dog, the Kerry Blue Terrier is very intelligent. Training this dog is not a matter of the dog getting it but has more to do with whether it wants to listen; Kerry Blues can be stubborn.

Caring For a Kerry Blue Terrier

The Kerry Blue Terrier does well as an indoor dog, and is a good candidate for apartment life....

This is not at all to say though that the dog does not need to go out and run, since Kerry Blues need quite a bit of exercise. Let your Kerry Blue Terrier explore a field or go for a long run, but keep a close eye on it and make sure it doesnt go tearing after a rat or some other small animal. The Kerry Blue is fairly resistant to both heat and cold. The dog must be brushed weekly to keep up its good looks, and must be professionally groomed every six weeks, and have the hair pulled out of its ears to prevent build up and infection. Kerry Blue Terriers are known to develop cerebellar abiotrophy; cataracts, spiculosis, entropion, canine hip dysplasia and tumors may also occur.

Kerry Blue Terrier History

Breed History

Though only known outside Ireland since the 20th century, the Kerry Blue Terrier is believed to have originated around the Ring of Kerry during the 18th century....

In its native Kerry, the dog was used to retrieve on land and water, hunt pests as well as larger prey, and herd sheep and cattle.Like the Glen of Imaal Terrier, the Kerry Blue Terrier managed to escape the notice of just about everyone outside of its small little corner of the world for a very long time. During the early 20th century, the breed was exported to England and America, where it was recognized by the American Kennel Club in1924. The original Kerry Blues were not much to look at, but as grooming became more prevalent the breed caught on with dog fanciers, who were intrigued by its distinctive blue coat. Recently, the Kerry Blue Terrier has had some success as a police and trailing dog, but it remains an unpopular pet.