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Chiweenie Dog Breed Info & Pictures

Despite their silly sounding name, Chiweenies are real! They are an adorable, pint-sized breed that is a cross between a Chihuahua and a Dachshund. This mixed breed isnt well-known, but given their one-of-a-kind look and loving personality, that may soon change. Chiweenies usually have a low-shedding, short, glossy coat. However, depending on the heritage of their parent breeds, they could also have a long, fluffy coat. The coloration on a Chiweenie can be almost anything, including black, brown, tan, brindle, cream, golden, merle, spotted, tricolor, and white. Chiweenies love to cuddle, but also need plenty of exercise. If these high-energy pups get bored, they may get into mischief or act out. The risk of obesity is another downfall of inadequate exercise, which is particularly hard on their short, stocky bodies.

Chiweenie Fast Facts

12 - 15 years
North America
8 - 12 lbs
8 - 9"
Chiweeni, Chiweeny
Chih-weenie, Doxihuahua, Mexican Hot Dog, Chiwee



Chiweenies are known for being cheerful, loving, and social dogs....

They form strong bonds with their humans and arent afraid to show it! Thanks to their compact size and loyalty, they are a great travel companions. Chiweenies are very intelligent and independent dogs, so they can be difficult to train. However, theyre fast learners as young puppies, so if you train them immediately, you should have no problems. They dont normally get along with other dogs, unless they are raised in a multi-dog household, so be careful when introducing them to new animals. Despite their small size, they are alert watchdogs and are sure to bark at strangers, intruders, or unfamiliar noises.

Caring For a Chiweenie

Once your Chiweenie is properly trained, they are relatively low-maintenance....

As long as they are fed a high quality diet and given daily exercise, they are an overall healthy breed although allergies are a common health issue. If your Chiweenie has a short, glossy coat, you can brush them once a week, but if your particular pup has a longer coat, be sure to brush daily to prevent matting. Since they arent known for having strong odors, you only have to bathe them once a month.

Chiweenie  History

Breed History

Chiweenies are a relatively new mixed breed, but their origin can be traced to the early 1990s....

There is no record of the very first Chiweenie puppy, but they are said to have been first bred in North America. This cross between a Chihuahua and a Dachshund is a sweet, loving, affectionate, and high-energy pup that will make a great canine companion!