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Chihuahua Dog Breed Info & Pictures

The Chihuahua dog is as small as it gets. Tiny but fierce, their personality has a lot in common with terriers. Their head is shaped much like an apple, and their eyes are large, just like their always-erect ears. Chihuahuas can convey a lot of emotion, such as deep-brown-eyed affection, inquisitive curiosity, and irate ferocity. Their features are very fine, and their tails are crescent shaped. They carry their tails quite proudly, like a flag.

Their coat has two distinct styles. The first is a smooth coat, which is soft and glossy. The second is a luxurious longer coat, which can be flat or wavy. For long-haired Chihuahuas, their ears, feet, and legs can be feathered, and a bushy tail may look like a feathered plume, giving them a Hollywood appeal. The coats can be any pattern or color.

Chihuahua Fast Facts

15 - 18 years
16th century
Less than 6 lb
Less than 6 lb
6 - 9"
6 - 9"
Chewawa, Chihuhua, Chiwawa or Chihuawa.


Despite their small size, Chihuahuas are incredibly brave....

Chihuahuas become very attached to their owners, and their intense devotion has earned them a place in the hearts and homes of millions of people. They think of themselves as very large dogs, and they will bark at strangers who enter their territory.

Unfortunately, Chihuahuas dont do well with small children, so this isnt an ideal breed for anyone with a new family. However, for owners who love to spoil their little companions, and for elderly couples who are more laid-back, they can be very affectionate pets. They are wary of new people and new dogs. Oddly enough, Chihuahuas can be quite sociable with other members of their own breed, even if theyve never met before. They also play nicely with other animals, such as cats.

Caring For a Chihuahua

While definitely travel-sized, dont carry your Chihuahua everywhere you go....

Because Chihuahua puppies and adults are on the smaller side, they can easily get into misadventures, so they need to be watched carefully. They shouldnt be allowed to jump off high surfaces, such as couches or from your loving arms. Even small drops are hard on their bone structure.

While carrying a Chihuahua inside a purse might seem like a fun idea, they really benefit from walking and exercise. Because they're so transportable, they sometimes get over-carried, leading to weight gain issues. When walking a Chihuahua dog, a harness will be more comfortable for their small frames than a leash.

This breed doesnt care for the cold, and they would really appreciate it a sweater once the temperatures start to drop. Their short coat is easy to maintain, needed only the occasional brushing. Long coats need daily maintenance. They do very well in apartments and would love to cuddle up with you in a warm home and watch TV after a brisk walk.

Chihuahua History

Breed History

Chihuahuas are small dogs with a big history....

Chihuahuas have a fascinating background that combines Aztecs, conquistadors, and even a cameo appearance by Christopher Columbus himself. Their history goes way back, so not all of it is clear. But Chihuahuas are believed to have descended from the Techichi, who, believe it or not, were mute. Its also possible they came from Chinese dogs brought to the Americas by conquistadors. Or perhaps the truth is somewhere in the middle, and Chihuahuas are a mix of the two. No one really knows.

What we do know is that evidence for Chihuahuas has been found in pyramids on the Yucatan Peninsula, and those predate the 16th century. They were adopted by the Aztecs, who made them icons of the upper class and considered them spirit guides. Christopher Columbus wrote about them in a letter to the King of Spain, and Columbus may even have been the person who first introduced them to Europe.

The breed went through various changes over the centuries but was rediscovered later on in the town of Chihuahua, Mexico, in 1850. Recognized by the AKC in 1904, they are an incredibly popular breed in the United States and have appeared in a variety of movie and TV roles, such as the famous marketing campaign for Taco Bell.