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The American Eskimo Dog packs a lot of personality into a compact fuzzball. A member of the esteemed spitz family, this breed has pointy, alert ears and a long, fuzzy coat. They have a distinctive grin when they’re happily panting away. While some dogs come in a one-size-fits-all makeup, American Eskimo Dog sizes can vary greatly.

There are standard American Eskimo Dogs, which are the biggest of the breed. Standard males weigh about 25-40 pounds. Miniature American Eskimo Dogs weigh around 20 pounds. Toy American Eskimo Dog types weigh an adorable 6-10 pounds.

A clever, quick-thinking dog, this breed is very trainable, even for complex tasks and tricks. The long coat kept them warm in the chilly climate of their home country … Germany. Yup, that’s right: American Eskimo Dogs hail from Germany. Oddly enough, these dogs are not actually related to Eskimos at all, as you’ll see in their history below.

American Eskimo Dog Fast Facts

12 - 13 years
United States
20th century
25 - 40 lb
15 - 30 lb
16 - 19"
14 - 17"
Americen Eskimo Dog, American Eskemo Dog or American Eskimmo Dog.
American Spitz


These intelligent dogs combine a laid-back member of the house with an attentive watchdog....

Easy to train and exceedingly clever, American Eskimo Dogs love a good game. They can learn all kinds of new tricks, even really complex ones. If youve ever wanted a dog to perform at your side for family, friends, or YouTube, the American Eskimo dog could be the ideal companion.

The American Eskimo Dog can be quiet and reserved in the home, but they always bark at strangers, making them a great watchdog. If theyre exposed to kids early and often, they can be very good with them. Before you bring one into a home with other pets, its important to know that they get along swell with dogs of the same size or larger, but they have a tendency to boss around smaller ones. They are a great fit for anyone who wants a dog with personality who will serve as a watchdog when needed but will otherwise be pretty laid back around the house.

Caring For a American Eskimo Dog

Regular exercise and brushing keep the American Eskimo Dogs coat as clean as fresh snow....

The American Eskimo dog has a fine, flowing white coat of white. Its a joy to behold, but get ready for some brushing. Twice a week should suffice, though expect to brush a little more often when your little fuzzball is shedding.

American Eskimo Dogs are quite healthy and rarely get sick when theyre given appropriate exercise. As far as how much exercise is appropriate, that really depends on the size of the dog. Toy American Eskimo Dogs will pant happily while running a few laps around the house, perhaps bounding up into a stuffed chair or two. But for the standard American Eskimo Dog, a quick romp around the yard isnt going to be enough. They need a more rigorous workout to burn off the extra energy they carry around in their larger frames. Daily brisk walks and occasional runs throughout the week are better suited to their needs, plus regular opportunities to dash out in the yard and run free.

American Eskimo Dogs are pretty clever, so having a project or a new trick to learn is a lot of fun for them. Provide American Eskimo Dog puppies with plenty of toys and training theyll grow into happy, active adults!

American Eskimo Dog History

Breed History

The American Eskimo Dog is actually not related to Eskimos....

Nicknamed an Eskie, this breed actually originated in Germany. Originally a companion of rich folks, the dog fell out of favor with the aristocracy around the 19th century but found loving arms in the German working class. German immigrants, heading to America around the 20th century, brought their Eskies with them.

The dogs keen mind and trainability landed the breed in an interesting profession: circus performer. Balancing, handling complex routines, and entertaining people with their quick wit was right up their alley, and the traveling circus life served as the main propagator of American Eskimo puppies.

But if theyre from Germany, where did their name come from? After World War I, international relations were pretty strained, and the dogs original name, spitz, was replaced with the word Eskimo. Recognized by the AKC in 1994, this dog came into official status a little later than most, but they have in fact been entertaining America for quite some time.

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