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Pomchi Dog Breed Info & Pictures

The Pomchi is a mix between a Chihuahua and a Pomeranian. The Pomchi is a small dog with dainty feet, and a sweet, expressive face with a wedge-like facial structure. The ears are of a medium size, and stand upright. The Pomchi can have either a double coat or a single coat: usually long and soft. The coat comes in a variety of colors depending on the parentage.

Pomchi Fast Facts

12 - 18 years
5 - 12 lbs
5 - 12 lbs
6 - 9”
6 - 9”
Pomchy, Pomche, Pomchee, Pom Chi
Pomeranian Chihuahua Mix, Chi-Pom, Chi Pom, Chiapom, Chimeranian, Chipom, Chiranian, Pom-A-Chi, Pom-Chi, Pomachi, Pomahuahua



The Pomchi can inherit temperamental traits from their parents....

They can be playful and protective like the Pomeranian, or outgoing and stubborn like the Chihuahua. Although they can be feisty and bold, the loyal Pomchi has a deep emotional bond with their family.

Caring For a Pomchi

Pomchies needs a relatively low amount of exercise, which makes them perfect for apartment-dwelling pet owners....

Like all dogs, early socialization is a must. As mentioned before, the Pomchi can be a stubborn dog and prone to yapping. Firm yet positive training is the key to a well-behaved Pomchi. Due to their long coat, daily grooming is a must, and weekly baths are recommended. Teeth should be brushed twice a week, as dental problems can be an issue with this breed.

Pomchi History

Breed History

The Pomchi is a recent breed of dog with no known history....

The name was coined in the USA in 1998.