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CharmedWons Pharaoh Hounds - Julie Gwin

CharmedWons Pharaoh Hounds

Collegeville (outside of Philadelphia), PA 19426
P: 610-454-1419
Julie Gwin
[email protected]

About this Breeder:

CharmedWons is not a commerical breeding kennel or a high volume kennel, but rather a small breeding program producing AKC show and companion quality Pharaoh hound puppies. Litters are infrequent, but well thought out. The goal of each litter is to produce puppies that are not only beautiful, elegant and bred to the standard, but functional and good tempered as well. The CharmedWons pups thus far have excelled in the show ring, in lure coursing, in racing and soon in agility, obedience and tracking. Most importantly the CharmedWons pups have excelled as great family companions. All prospective puppy owners are screened extensively as this is not a breed for everyone. All puppies are born in my home, raised with a tremendous amount of care and attention and given as much variety of experiences as possible before they are placed in their new forever homes at 12-13 weeks of age. All puppies (both show and companion quality) are sold with a contract and are microchipped before leaving my house. All show quality puppies are co-owned by me. All pet quality puppies are sold with a limited registration contract and are co-owned by me until they are spayed or neutered. The limited registration contract includes a mandatory spay/neuter clause. The limited registration contract permits your involvement with performance events (racing, coursing, obedience, etc), but excludes participation in breed shows and breeding. Please contact me for more info.

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