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Patorama - Pat Ramapuram


Baltimore, MD 21244
P: 410 521 2692
Pat Ramapuram
[email protected]

About this Breeder:

Patorama has been around since 1973. For the first 30 years I was involved in the breeding and training of top show horses. Over the years I have bred and trained multiple state champions, a few nationally placed and even a standby for the U.S. Olympic Team! The first show dog was obtained in 1994 and subsequently launched the venture into the show dog arena. As a hobby enthusiast I have had wonderful mentors that have been of invaluable assistance in ensuring my dogs are of top blood lines. Of course, breeding horses for 30 years has entrenched the foundation for breeding of sound, athletic dogs with wonderful dispositions. The horse facilities have now been converted into an indoor-outdoor kennel and four additional acres have been fenced for the enjoyment of the dogs. This four-acre field has dutifully been stocked with sheep for the Great Pyrenees and can be hunted for rabbits by the PBGVs. (Although the Petits are really more interested in hunting the sheep!) Our show dogs are dogs during the week and show on the weekends. It is a great way to keep the breeds true to their heritage!

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