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Carstens Chihuahuas - Mary

Carstens Chihuahuas
13731 W Farm Road 132
Bois D'Arc, MO 65612
P: 417-491-4800
[email protected]

About this Breeder:

We are a small hobby kennel that takes pride in quality, charm and appearance, as well as in our efforts to improve the breed standard. We ensure excellent health for all our dogs with regular preventive health measures. We are there when the babies are born and consider them a part of our family until they leave for your home. Our socialization formula ensures your chihuahua will be cuddly, yet independent ... a mover, not a shaker. Most all our pups will be in the 3 to 6 pound range as an adult. At 4 weeks we start taking them outside to potty and play. All our dogs live in the house with us (as will yours when he goes to live with you), so it is a big thing to get them to want to learn to potty out there, as well as, play or go for walks. It is our duty to the pup and its mom to find the best home. Some of the things we will ask if, you do not tell us: Do you have a fenced yard or exercise area? Have you had a chihuahua before? What made you decide this was the right time for a new pup? How many will be helping you take care of your new puppy? What personality are you looking for? Have you ever considered or took a pup or dog to obedience school? ********* Check out our site for available puppies. *******

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