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SnowedOn Cairns - Joan E. Eastman

SnowedOn Cairns

Esko, MN 55733
P: 218-879-3903
Joan E. Eastman
[email protected]

About this Breeder:

Thank You for your interest in SnowedOn Cairn Terriers. We are experienced, ethical breeders and our goal is to produce wonderful dogs. We spend a substantial amount of our time and resources to ensure our dogs are the best show dogs and most wonderful family companions available. If possible, we would love to have you visit SnowedOn and meet all the SnowedOn dogs. You will see our dog-enriched environment and can "play puppies". If you cannot visit, we can correspond via email or phone and we may even be at a dog show in your area. We ship in the USA and Canada. Our puppies are bred from Champions with a 100% AKC DNA guarantee, vet visits, appropriate immunizations, a written health and temperament guarantee, AKC papers and guaranteed pedigree. They are already microchipped for permanent identification. Our line is extensively tested for preventable genetic disease including OFA Cardiac, OFA Patellar Luxation, OFA AutoImmune Thyroiditis, OFA GCL and CERF Eye Exams yearly. We love and cherish our dogs - they are vauled members of our family to be loved and cherished in your family. Adding a dog to your life is a big decision and we feel you should try to interact with as many good breeders as possible. Therefore we cheerfully give referrals to other top cairn breeders in your area and will answer any questions you may have about the breed. If you would like more information about SnowedOn please feel free to visit our website Another excellent resource for breed information is our national breed club the Cairn Terrier Club of America. The CTCA Website is and it is a wealth of info on the breed standard, choosing a breeder, health and grooming, etc. Best of Luck to you in your search for the perfect dog and thank you again for considering us. Feel free to e mail for information. Joan, Jesica and Kaitlyn

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