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16 Luxury Dog Houses That Will Blow Your Furry Little Socks Off

POSTED ON Dec 30, 2016 BY Meredith Kavanagh

Have you ever thought about building your pooch a palace? Read on for 16 luxury dog houses that may inspire you to build a manse for your mutt! Read More »


Why Police Dogs Are Some Of The Toughest Doggos Ever

POSTED ON Dec 29, 2016 BY Rebecca Paredes

Police dogs have been used by law enforcement for centuries! Learn about police dog breeds, training, and more at DogPack Read More »


Rainbow Bridge And Other Pet Bereavement Poems

POSTED ON Dec 29, 2016 BY Amica Graber

Rainbow bridge is a poem for anyone who has experienced pet bereavement. View the printable here. Read More »

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How To Reduce Shedding In Dogs — What Every Owner Needs To Know!

POSTED ON Dec 28, 2016 BY Amica Graber

Dog shedding getting you down? Relax. There’s an easy method to reduce shedding in dogs and escape the fur blizzard that has overtaken your life! Read More »

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10 Amazing Things That Happened When I Started Making Dog Food In The Crock Pot

POSTED ON Dec 28, 2016 BY Amica Graber

Make healthy dog food in the crock pot with these easy throw-together recipes! Read More »


Gary And Carrie Fisher: A Love To Remember

POSTED ON Dec 27, 2016 BY Amica Graber

Carrie Fisher will be remembered as a film star, an advocate, a fiery personality, and a devoted dog mom to Gary. Read More »

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Anxious Dogs And New Year’s Eve Go Hand-In-Paw, But These Tips Can Help

POSTED ON Dec 19, 2016 BY Amica Graber

New Year’s festivities are fun for us, but not so much for our little, furry friends. Here’s how to handle dog anxiety so you can focus on having fun! Read More »


12 Dog Sweaters To Conquer The Polar Vortex

POSTED ON Dec 19, 2016 BY Meredith Kavanagh

They may be fluffy, but not all of our furry friends are made for the cold. Dog sweaters can help! Check out this lineup of 12 stylish sweaters for dogs! Read More »

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Can Dogs Have Cranberries? A Howliday Lesson

POSTED ON Dec 13, 2016 BY Meredith Kavanagh

Can dogs have cranberries? Learn more about this holiday food with DogPack! We’re going to tell you right now if dogs can have cranberries! Read More »

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How To Paw-Proof The Festive Season Before Fido Ends Up On The Naughty List!

POSTED ON Dec 13, 2016 BY Amica Graber

If you’re celebrating the holidays with a four-legged friend this year, don’t miss these tips to make sure your fur-baby stays safe this season! Read More »


5 Dog Wheelchair Stories That Will Melt Your Cold Heart

POSTED ON Dec 13, 2016 BY Rebecca Paredes

These dog wheelchair stories will remind you that doggos are perfect in every shape and size. Learn how wheelchairs for dogs are helping pups walk again! Read More »


32 Gifts For Dog Lovers Who Basically Hate Humans

POSTED ON Dec 8, 2016 BY Meredith Kavanagh

Dog gifts are the best gifts — so give your friends and family a happy howliday with one of these 35 gifts for dog lovers! Read More »