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How To Introduce Dogs Safely: The Headache-Free Cheat Sheet

POSTED ON Jan 12, 2017 BY Rebecca Paredes

Bringing home a new dog? Worried your dog won’t get along with others at the dog park? Learn how to introduce dogs safely and successfully! Read More »


19 Dog Memes You Need In Your Arsenal

POSTED ON Jan 12, 2017 BY Meredith Kavanagh

Dog memes are a great way to send a passive-aggressive message to your friends. We rounded up 19 memes that you need to save to your phone right now! Read More »


The Beginner’s Guide To Dog Agility Training And Equipment

POSTED ON Jan 11, 2017 BY Amica Graber

Do you have a hyperactive dog who seems even more alert after a walk than before? If the answer is yes, it’s time to investigate dog agility training! Read More »

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Here's Why You Should Invest In A Dog Backpack For Fido

POSTED ON Jan 11, 2017 BY Meredith Kavanagh

: A dog backpack is more than just an accessory. Dog backpacks have mental and physical benefits that will keep you and your pupper happy and healthy! Read More »


Can Dogs Sense Danger? Strange Senses You Didn’t Know Your Dog Had

POSTED ON Jan 9, 2017 BY Amica Graber

Can dogs sense danger? Storms? Even the supernatural? It may seem like Pooches has a sixth sense — find out why. Read More »


52 Dog Quotes & Photos To Give You The Warm Fuzzies

POSTED ON Jan 6, 2017 BY Meredith Kavanagh

Dog quotes are as unique as our beloved pups. Click here for 52 of DogPack’s favorite funny dog quotes, cute dog quotes, dog love quotes, and dog sayings! Read More »


The Dog Runner! How To Deal With A Furry Escape Artist

POSTED ON Jan 6, 2017 BY Amica Graber

Does your dog run away all the time? Find out how to contain a dog runner with dog run ideas and tips! Read More »


The Total And Complete List Of Hypoallergenic Dogs | Over 100 Sneeze-Free Dog Breeds

POSTED ON Jan 5, 2017 BY Amica Graber

Looking for a hypoallergenic dog? Check out this list of 100 sneeze-free dog breeds in all shapes and sizes! Read More »

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How Much Benadryl Can I Give My Dog?

POSTED ON Jan 5, 2017 BY Amica Graber

How much Benadryl can I give my dog? Use our quick and easy chart to find out ! Read More »

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Dog Car Seats And Other Pet Travel Accessories For The Fur Chauffeur

POSTED ON Jan 5, 2017 BY Amica Graber

Have you ever thought about buckling up your pup in a dog car seat? If you haven’t, you should. It could save your life — and the life of your pet. Read More »

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Can Dogs Eat Avocados? Or Are They Toxic?

POSTED ON Jan 5, 2017 BY Meredith Kavanagh

Can dogs eat avocado? We add the superfood onto everything — but don’t share your snack with your pooch without learning if avocados are bad for dogs. Read More »

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Fat Dogs! 11 Hacks To Help Them Shed Those Pesky Pounds And Get Fit!

POSTED ON Jan 4, 2017 BY Amica Graber

Is your dog looking larger after the holiday season? Is your dog’s breed prone to obesity? Check out these 11 tips for helping fat dogs lose weight! Read More »