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Pet Memorial Stones To Honor And Remember Your Dog

POSTED ON Jan 31, 2017 BY Meredith Kavanagh

The death of a pet is tough. Honor your dog’s memory and keep them close to your heart with pet memorial stones and gifts. Here are a few of our favorites. Read More »


How To Stop A Puppy From Biting: Tackle It Sooner Rather Than Later

POSTED ON Jan 28, 2017 BY Amica Graber

A nipping puppy is cute, but a biting dog is a liability. Here’s how to stop a puppy biting before it becomes a real problem. Read More »


10 Things To Do On Valentine’s Day With Your Dog

POSTED ON Jan 26, 2017 BY Amica Graber

Hate Valentine’s Day? You don’t need a date to enjoy Feb.14! Your dog is the best valentine around, and we’ll show ya why! Read More »

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Can Dogs Eat Broccoli? Follow This One Rule

POSTED ON Jan 26, 2017 BY Meredith Kavanagh

Can dogs eat broccoli? Veggies are good for us, so they must be OK for our pets, right? Find out if broccoli is good for dogs before giving Sparky a bite! Read More »


Dog DNA Test: Be The Best Pup Parent You Can Be!

POSTED ON Jan 26, 2017 BY Meredith Kavanagh

Curious about your pup’s heritage? We were, too. So we used a dog DNA test on our rescue pups to find out their breeds! Read More »

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DIY Dog Grooming School Because Mama Needs A New Pair Of (Uneaten) Shoes

POSTED ON Jan 25, 2017 BY Amica Graber

Got floof? Paying for a groomer can get hella expensive. Learn how to groom a dog with our DIY dog grooming school! Read More »

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Can Dogs Eat Pineapple? How About A Pupper Piña Colada?

POSTED ON Jan 24, 2017 BY Meredith Kavanagh

Can dogs eat pineapple? Is pineapple good for dogs? Or should they stay away? Find out if it’s safe to share a slice of tropical paradise with your pooch! Read More »


Dogs That Look Like Foxes! The Domestic Doggos With Foxy Features

POSTED ON Jan 23, 2017 BY Amica Graber

Have you seen the internet-famous dog that looks just like a fox? If you have a touch of scarlet fever, check out these other dogs that look like foxes. Read More »

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Are Dog Diapers The Best Choice For My Dog?

POSTED ON Jan 18, 2017 BY Rebecca Paredes

Does your puppy pee whenever they’re excited? Is your older dog having trouble controlling their pee? Dog diapers might be the answer. Read More »

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Did You Know That These Common Indoor Plants Are Poisonous For Pets?

POSTED ON Jan 17, 2017 BY Amica Graber

Adding houseplants is an easy way to liven up your decor while boosting indoor air quality. But did you know these common houseplants are toxic to pets? Read More »

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A Pet Sitting Guide For First-Time Dog Sitters

POSTED ON Jan 17, 2017 BY Meredith Kavanagh

Pet sitting is a great gig, but there’s more to it than playing with pups all day. These dog sitter tips will ensure you and the pooch are happy together! Read More »


Dog Sledding: The Amazing True Story Of Leonhard Seppala And His Dogs

POSTED ON Jan 13, 2017 BY Amica Graber

Do you know the amazing true story of one of the first dog sledding heroes? Read about Leonhard Seppala, the grandfather of dog sledding! Read More »