What Should I Name My Dog? Here's Some Ideas?

What Should I Name My Dog? Here's Some Ideas?

Written By Meredith Kavanagh

Apr 11, 2016

There’s a laundry list of decisions that go into buying or adopting a pet. If you have the flexibility, it’s a great idea to adopt. But if you have certain restrictions like a limited schedule for walks or a smaller home, you should do some research to decide which breed is best for you. Once you find the pup that's the right size, temperament, and energy level for your lifestyle, you’re halfway there!

You’ll always remember the day you pick your Scooby soulmate, but don’t forget that there’s still a ton of things you'll have to do before you can bring your new fur baby home!

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What Should I Name My Dog?

One of the first ways to bond with your new pooch is picking out a name. Whether you’re leaning towards a classic dog name, or you prefer a moniker with bit more pizazz, you should take your time to think carefully about your decision. It’s a big step in establishing your relationship with your fur baby, so you want to pick a good one!

Here are a few tips to get you started.

1) Do Some Brainstorming

You’re going to be calling this name over and over for the next 10+ years, so start by thinking about what you enjoy in life. Are you a history buff? A foodie? Do you like dogs more than people and think your pet should have the powerful name of a norse god? Your new puppy will be so excited to come home and get to know their new family, that they’ll be happy with whatever name you call them. But it’s a reflection of their personality as well as yours, so give it some serious thought.

2) Keep It Simple

Dogs respond best to names with 3 syllables or less. Feel free to name your pup Otto Von Furrybottom, but make sure you pick a shorter nickname that your fluffy buddy will recognize. Sure it might be entertaining to name your new pup "Sarah" in a passive-aggressive jab at your ex BFF, but that joke will get old. In fact, rule out “joke names” altogether. You and your friends may get a good laugh from calling your dog "Sir Poops A Lot" for a few days, but remember that you have to shout this name at the park in front of other people and introduce your canine companion to friends and family.

3) Wait Until You Meet

It’s great to have ideas or even a list of possible names, but don’t have your heart set on one before your cuddle bug comes home. Maybe you know that you want to name your dog something ironic and funny, like "Snowball" for a Black Lab. But if you get home, and he’s emphatically falling over his big puppy paws every few steps, something like Bulldozer might fit him better. Once your pooch is a few years old, their name will seem like the only option there ever was! But by considering your dog’s personality when picking out a name, you’ll ensure that you and your pup start your life together on the right paw.

4) Try It Out

Don’t spend the first month with your new pup testing out every name in the book, or you’ll risk having a confused fur baby with an identity crisis. But it’s totally OK to try out a few names and see which one is the best fit for your new four-legged pal! If you want a more creative moniker, there are tons of options, so we’ve compiled a list of our favorites. Now when you get home that first day and you're wondering, “What should I name my dog?” you have somewhere to start. If you just take some time and have a few ideas ready to go before bringing your dog home, then picking out a name will be a piece of cake!

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