10 Things To Do On Valentine’s Day With Your Dog

10 Things To Do On Valentine’s Day With Your Dog

Written By Amica Graber

Jan 26, 2017

With Valentine’s Day just a tennis-ball-throw away, it’s time to get serious about the real love of your life: your dog.

pitbull hugging human

Whether you’re single or taken this February, here are 10 cute ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day with your four-legged friend.

Stay In Bed

February is cold, and Valentine’s Day is expensive. Bypass the frost and the cost by staying in bed with your fur-bae. Here’s how to have the best pajama party of ALL TIME with your paw-tner: Get pajamas. Look cute. 

Pajama party, assemble!

dogs in bed


dog in onesie


puppy in pajamas


dog kid matching pajamas

Eat Everything

Food is probably definitely the most important part of Valentine’s Day.

breakfast in bed with dog

Watch A Movie

Real Housewives. Adventure Time. Basically anything where the D-O-G doesn’t kick the bucket Unless you’re both into hysterical sobbing, in which case, go right ahead and throw in that Marley & Me DVD.

rottweiler hugging girl

Have A Pizza Party

When a moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie, thaaaaaat’s amore!

Puppahs can’t eat onion and garlic, so they won’t be able to chomp down on a slice of pizza pie — but you can enjoy a personal pizza while your pup stares longingly. Find yourself a bae who looks at you the way your dog looks at pizza.


Let Them Eat Cake! 

Valentine’s Day is all about that candy. But since your date can’t eat chocolate or candy, why not bake them a cake? Check out our frozen dog treat recipes to get started!

dog birthday cake

Break Into Song

If you’re feeling a little lonely on Valentine’s Day, let the love of your dog serenade you. Turns out, some dogs are really into Adele.

And Whitney.

Have A Spa Day

Yes, they make mud masks for dogs now. Read the instructions before use!


Crack Open Some Champers 

One for you, and one for me ...


Buy Your Dog A Gift

Valentine’s Day is the perfect day to splurge on a gift for your loved one. Here are some our favorite Valentine’s Day-inspired gifts for your dog!

Heart-Eyed Emoji Squeakie | $6.55 via Amazon


Valentine’s Day Tennis Balls | $9.99 via Amazon


Love Hearts Dog Collar | $10-$15 via Amazon


Canine Cookies | $13.99 via Amazon 


Or just gift them an old boot. Hey, we didn’t say it had to be fancy!

Buy Yourself A Gift Inspired By Your Dog

Sometimes, gifts for dogs are for owners, too. We love these gift ideas you’ll want to use all day long!

Custom Cookie Cutter | $20 via Etsy


Custom Pet Portrait | $72+ via Etsy


And obviously this:

Wine Glass | $18 via Amazon

Check out our full list of gift ideas for people that hate humans but love dogs!

What are your plans for spending this Valentine’s Day with your dog? Share yours in the comments!