Hero Hound Leads Firefighters To Children Trapped Inside Burning Home

Hero Hound Leads Firefighters To Children Trapped Inside Burning Home

Written By Meredith Kavanagh

May 3, 2016

Nothing compares to the relationship we have with our dogs. They provide us with companionship, comfort, and when a dangerous situation arises, they can save our lives. Here at Dog Pack, we cherish all dogs, but every once in awhile, there’s a pup who deserves an extra round of applause! To celebrate our amazing canine counterparts, we’re going to share the most admirable hero dog stories in a weekly post called Hero Hound. 

This week, we bring you the story of Maxx Feaser, hero hound from Seminole County, Florida. This German Shepherd is a retired police K-9 dog, but Maxx never takes a day off when it comes to protecting his humans! 

Late last week, the Feaser family's neighbors, Chip and Andrew Dover and Joe Jordan, were outside stargazing when they saw an explosion from inside the Feasers' house. They immediately called 911 and then used patio furniture to break the front windows in an effort to help the family escape. Margo Feaser was able to crawl out of the house to safety with the help of her neighbors. Once the fire department arrived, they were able to bring Margo's husband, Brent, out of the house. 

hero dog rescues children

But the Feasers' two-year-old daughter and four-year-old son were still inside the house, so hero dog Maxx jumped into action. The fire was growing rapidly, and the thick smoke made it difficult to navigate inside the house, but Maxx was there to lead firefighters to each of the children. The firefighters carried both of the children to safety, and although the family has suffered from burns and smoke inhalation, they are all in stable condition. 

Maxx is being hailed as a hero dog for fearlessly entering the fiery home, not once, but twice to save his family. He is being treated by a local veterinarian for smoke inhalation, but he is on his way to a full recovery.


The Feaser's home was completely destroyed, along with all of their belongings. 

Do You Know A Hero Hound?

Hero dogs come in all shapes and sizes. Maybe your pup eases your chronic anxiety with a snuggle, or they help you feel safe while your roommate is out of town. If you know a pup who should be honored as our hero hound of the week, let us know! 

Write to us in the comments or on our social media pages. We’d love to hear about your furry pal and how they have a postitive impact on your life! 

Big shout out to Maxx and his family — we are so glad that they have this hero hound to help keep them safe. Good boy, Maxx!