25 Dogs Who Have A Case Of The Mondays!

25 Dogs Who Have A Case Of The Mondays!

Written By Meredith Kavanagh

Mar 21, 2017

Ugh, Monday. After a lazy weekend, the start of the week is the last thing you want to happen. You'd much prefer to stay in bed, or have one more day to play at the beach with your buds. Don’t worry, though — we all go through it together. Even our beloved pups need an extra shot in their coffee bowl on Monday morning. To help ward off your case of the Mondays, we found some pooches who totally understand how you feel. If there's one thing that can perk up a rough morning, it's these adorable pups crawling through a Monday! 

Dogs With A Case Of The Mondays

sleepy dog on monday

1. Is there anything harder than getting out of bed on a Monday morning?  

2. Sometimes you just want to curl up in a ball and go back to dreams of driving on the coast with the wind in your ears.

3. And if you have a snuggle buddy? Forget about it.

4. But eventually, you muster up the energy to peel yourself out of bed.

5. Do a few stretches. 

6. You make your way to the bathroom.

7. And splash some water on your face…

8. Then head to the kitchen.

9. And eat some breakfast.

10. Your roommate interupts your coffee time and asks if you want to hit the gym before work.

11. Don’t they understand? Just being awake right now is work! 

12. "Wait... What?" Nothing makes sense this early in the morning. 

13. Not even the things you normally enjoy. 

14. I’m just gonna sit in bed for one second before I leave… 

15. Nope! Ok. I’m up, I’m up. 

16. Let's get this day started. Time to head to the office. 

17. Really, I'm going.


18. Morning, guys. 


19. Oh, hey boss! I just need some coffee.

20. Yeah, I can take care of that for you! 

21. I’ll go get started on that right now.

22. Oh no, Bob, the way you’re tapping the lyrics to Bohemian Rhapsody isn’t distracting at all.

23. It’s already 5 o’clock?

24. Byeeeee!

25. Ahh…home.

These dogs prove that even though Monday is definitely the worst day of the week, there are ways to enjoy it. If you're still feeling down, check out this video of babies laughing with dogs. I personally guarantee it will put a smile on your sleepy face. And remember: only four more days until Friday!