12 Dog Sweaters To Conquer The Polar Vortex

12 Dog Sweaters To Conquer The Polar Vortex

Written By Meredith Kavanagh

Dec 19, 2016

If you’re one of those rough and tough dog owners who think that dog sweaters are only fit for Maltipoos and Cavachons, we’re here to tell you — you’re dead wrong! Many areas of the US are seeing record low temperatures thanks to the dreaded polar vortex. Now more than ever, dog sweaters are a must. 

Even if you’re lucky enough to live in Southern California where jackets are optional, your pup may not be made for cooler temps, depending on their breed. Does doggo have fur for days? All it takes is one trip to a scissor-happy groomer — and suddenly, they’re shaking like a Chihuahua!

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We know that you would never let your precious pup shiver all winter long, so we rounded up 12 of the cutest, most snugg-alicious, downright stylish dog sweaters for you!

12 Dog Sweaters For The Win

1. "Listen, Bix. Mom LOVES these sweaters. Smile pretty and she'll make it worth your while."

dog sweaters

2. "Look how cute I am in this dog sweater. I'm even wearing a necklace. Now, open the bag ... pour the treats onto the floor ... " 

dog sweaters

3. No one has pulled off a sweater vest this well since Chandler Bing.

dog sweaters

4. Are you kidding me? ARE. YOU. KIDDING. ME. 

dog sweaters

5. The freshest dog sweater in all of Brooklyn. 

dog sweater
Changothehandsomepittie via Instagram

6. "The cold never bothered me anywayyyyy!"

dog sweater in snow
via Instagram

7. OK, this isn't a sweater, but come on. Your dog needs a slouchy beanie. 

dog knitted hat
Otisbarkington via Instagram

8. Nothing to see here — just another reindog hanging out.

dog sweater
Chillydogsweaters via Instagram

9. Doggy DIY: Repurpose your old hat into a sweater for your itty bitty pooch!

dog sweaters

10. Athleisure is never out of style on this little Pug.

small dog sweaters

11. Peepers is as snug as a bug in her cozy penguin sweater!

small dog sweater

12. Is there anything better than a Toy Poodle in a nautical dog sweater?

striped dog sweater
loganslook via Instagram

Without a cozy dog sweater, your pup will need to rolled up burrito-style all winter long!

dog in a blanket

Does your pooch like wearing dog sweaters? Or hate them? Share a picture with us on the DogPack Facebook page, and we'll add it to this post! 

Thank you to our DogPack family for sharing your precious pups with us! Check out these snuggle bugs in their dog sweaters and winter wear! 

christmas dog sweater
Ellie Mae is a Christmas dream in this outfit! Thanks for sharing, Jenna R.!


winter dog jacket

Lucky loves his dog jacket during a fierce Chicago winter!
Thanks for sharing, Kelly M.!


dog sweater in snow
Lucy appreciates the extra warmth when playing in the snow with Mom! 
Thanks for sharing, Stephanie M.!


christmas dog sweater
Ruby is anxiously awaiting the first snowfall of the season! Thanks for sharing, Holly M.!


dog sweater
Tyson may be a tough guy, but he loves his dog sweater! Thanks for sharing, Meg S.!


dog sweater
Mia is sitting pretty in her polka dots! Thanks for sharing, Shannon M.!  


dog in christmas tie
Ok, so it isn't a dog sweater. But have you ever seen a cuter Christmas tie?! 


sweaters for dogs
A snowball is no match for Zero when he's got his dog sweater on! Thanks for sharing, Kelly P.!


Keep on sending us your dog sweater pics, and we'll keep on adding them here! Happy Howlidays!