10 Dogs Who Are Totally Over It

POSTED ON Apr 15, 2016 BY Meredith Kavanagh

It's the weekend! If someone asks you to help them move, or attend a lame party, don't do it! Take a cue from these pups who don't care what ANYONE thinks. Read More »


Are These 15 Puppies Yawning Or Laughing At You?

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Feeling Down? Watch These Pugs Bark At Some Monkeys Instead

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If You Don’t Smile At This Video Of Babies Laughing At Dogs, You’re Probably A Witch

POSTED ON Apr 7, 2016 BY Meredith Kavanagh

Babies are cute. Laughing babies are cuter. Laughing babies AND dogs is the cutest combo on the planet. If you don’t like this video, you’re dead inside. Read More »