Are These 15 Puppies Yawning Or Laughing At You?

Are These 15 Puppies Yawning Or Laughing At You?

Written By Rebecca Paredes

Apr 13, 2016

Nothing is as cute as a tired puppy. The outstretched tongue, the floppy ears, the subtlest judgement in their scrunched-up eyes — wait, what? Puppy expressions are surprisingly ambiguous. We can’t tell if these furballs are yawning or laughing at us.

Take a look and let us know what you think in the comments!

1. Aw, You’re All Tuckered Out!

2. Look At Those Little Paws!

3. Life Is Tough When You’re Adorable

4. Dressing Up Is Exhausting

5. This Pup Went Straight To Sleep

6. I Mean — Wait, Are You Laughing?

7. Are You Laughing At Me?

8. What’s So Funny?

9. Even The Youths Are Laughing!

10. These Dachshunds Can’t Even

11. I Can’t Stay Mad At That Face

12. Laugh Away, Puppy

13. Especially You, Ivan

14. You’re Just Too Cute To Handle

15. Wait, You’re Not Even A Dog