My Dog Is Scared Of Everything — Including My Cat!

My Dog Is Scared Of Everything — Including My Cat!

Written By Meredith Kavanagh

May 5, 2016

 Why Is My Dog Afraid Of Cats? 



Contrary to the age-old expression, there aren’t any “scaredy cats” in this video. In fact, after watching these pooches howl, run, and hide from their feline roommates, we’re starting to wonder how that saying got started in the first place! 

Pups are playful, energetic, affectionate, and clumsy — pretty much the opposite of what it means to be a cat. Cats have that whole stealthy-ninja, blank-stare, surprise-attack thing going for them. But since most dogs are much larger and stronger than a cat, why do they seem so genuinely terrified of them? 

There are many theories as to why a dog can be afraid of cats. Since dogs have a pack mentality, they instinctually will not harm smaller dogs in the pack. In some cases, that instinct extends to small animals that they share a home with — like a cat.

Some believe that the behavior occurs because cats simply don’t like dogs. Dogs can read body language, so when they sense that Mr. Whiskers wants NOTHING to do with them, they simply steer clear. Add in the fact that cats are known for not giving a hoot about others, even their human who brings them the Fancy Feast, and it makes sense why overly sweet and loving pups don’t want to get involved in a cat fight! 

Now, it’s not that dogs shouldn’t be scared of cats, because cats are pretty fierce. In this adorable video, you see more than a few cats take a swipe at a pup. A quick search on YouTube will bring up thousands of videos of “Cats Being Jerks.” Whether they're stealing a dog's bed, staring you down as they push a vase off the counter, or unrolling an entire roll of toilet paper, cats are mischievous... and intelligent creatures. When they sense they have dominance over a dog, they are going to use their cattitude to keep it that way. 

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