Feeling Down? Watch These Pugs Bark At Some Monkeys Instead

Feeling Down? Watch These Pugs Bark At Some Monkeys Instead

Written By Rebecca Paredes

Apr 12, 2016

One of the best parts of dog ownership is discovering all the weird things your dogs will do. Some dogs will sleep with all four legs straight in the air. Others will run around the house in circles chasing nothing.

And other dogs, like these pugs, will bark their little hearts out at the sight of two stuffed monkeys sitting on their human’s bed.

I mean, you haven’t lived until you’ve seen two pugs standing on their hind legs, looking like little sausages on stilts. And the fact that they’re essentially egging each other on makes this video even better — you can totally tell what they’re thinking as they stare at the stuffed monkeys: “Yeah! We don’t know what these monsters are! But we hate them!”

Is this a regular occurrence? Does this human frequently walk in on her pugs talking mad smack at these stuffed monkeys? Or did one of the pugs just recently notice their newfound enemies sitting on the bed? When it comes to funny pug videos, there are no answers — only questions.

And if you thought that barking pugs wasn’t enough, wait until to the 1:10 mark. One of the pugs majestically jumps onto the bed to really show one of the stuffed monkeys who’s boss. In MMA cagefighting, that move would be considered a ground and pound: full-mount and all fists (or snout, in this case), smothering the opponent until they tap.

Meanwhile, the other pug remains on the ground and excitedly cheers its friend on. This is the fight of the pug-century, after all — and if you’re feeling down at all, this is one video that’ll lift your spirits. Much like the winning pug would triumphantly lift its championship belt if, you know, it had thumbs.