If You Don’t Smile At This Video Of Babies Laughing At Dogs, You’re Probably A Witch

If You Don’t Smile At This Video Of Babies Laughing At Dogs, You’re Probably A Witch

Written By Meredith Kavanagh

Apr 7, 2016

There’s nothing cuter than listening to a baby’s wonderfully infectious, belly laugh. They can’t catch their breath, they wheeze, they sigh. It’s like the world’s most adorable asthma attack— except everybody is okay! More than okay, even. You get to watch a miniature human discover the joy of laughter!

Nothing in this world is cuter.

Five seconds later on YouTube…

Wait, I take it back. There is something cuter than a wheezy, baby belly laugh. The internet comes in for the win!

This is it. For real this time. Without a doubt, there is nothing cuter than a baby laughing their diapered butt off while playing with their furry sibling — and this video is packed with adorable babies laughing at dogs. What more could you want?

Babies will laugh at just about anything. A piece of paper, a game of peek-a-boo, a loud fart ... your comedic options are endless. But a giggly coo turns into bring-the-house-down hysterical laughter when they start playing with the most adorable animal on the planet.

Over here at Dog Pack, there’s nothing we love more than our fur babies — except maybe our human babies. So we painstakingly scoured the depths of the internet to find a video that combines the best of both worlds: a compilation video of babies laughing at dogs.

DISCLAIMER: Video will cause uncontrollable giggles and “awws.”




Our favorite laugh is the toddler and her puppy pal who discover bubbles together at the 1:13 mark. What’s your favorite clip? Tell us in the comments!