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Stay Away From Puppy Mills And Find A Legit Breeder

Stay Away From Puppy Mills And Find A Legit Breeder

Written By Amica Graber

Sep 15, 2016

There are many reasons why you might choose to get a puppy from a breeder. Perhaps you have kids and want a specific breed that’s great with children. Maybe you have 2 shelter dogs, but you’re desperately seeking a Bernedoodle to complete your furry family!

There is something special about raising a puppy, but it’s extremely important to make sure that your puppy is from an ethical and responsible breeder. Puppy mills are absolutely disgusting. They abuse dogs to pump out as many puppies as possible, and they give no thought to  the health of their animals.

So, how does Dog Pack ensure that we never list puppy mill breeders? Every breeder that applies on Dog Pack is vetted by a human (no bots) to ensure that we maintain our code of ethics.

Just because you want a certain breed, don't discount shelters! Dog Pack provides free listings to shelters or breed-specific rescues!

If you're looking for a breeder, we encourage all of our users to do their own research as well. If any breeder on Dog Pack seems suspicious, contact us immediately at [email protected].

These  red flags indicate you’re dealing with a puppy mill.

How To Spot A Puppy Mill

  • The breeder has multiple breeds and always has puppies available
  • There is no waiting list
  • The breeder will not reveal who their veterinarian is
  • The breeder does not ask you any questions about how you plan to care for your puppy
  • The seller doesn’t want you to come to their home and see the parents
  • The puppies are sold before they’re eight weeks old

We look out for these red flags, but you should too. Here are some questions you should always ask a breeder.

Questions To Ask A Dog Breeder

Are the puppies certified?

Some breeds carry more health risks than others. As health conditions can be hereditary, reputable breeders will have their puppies certified by a veterinarian to ensure that they’re disease free before rehoming them. Puppy mill puppies usually suffer from a lot of health problems due to the tragic conditions in which they’re bred. 

Can I meet the parents?

It is essential to meet the parents before you adopt. You can make sure that the parents are healthy and happy.

Have the puppies been vaccinated and dewormed?

A reputable breeder will make sure that their puppies are in good health.

Is there a breeder’s contract?

Often reputable breeders will write a contract, stating that if you are unable to care for your puppy, you will return them to the breeder. This shows that the breeder cares about their puppies and their well-being.

What A Legit Breeder Looks Like

Puppy mills sell dozens of different breeds, whereas a legit breeder has less than three. You can meet the breeder and the puppy parents. All of the animals should be well-cared-for and healthy. A responsible breeder will ask you lots of questions, and you will have to wait until your puppy is older than eight weeks before taking them home.

If you visit a breeder and believe that it is a puppy mill operation — or any type of animal abuse is taking place — call your local police department and animal control unit immediately.