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Dog Farts: How Do You Stop Them?

Dog Farts: How Do You Stop Them?

Written By Meredith Kavanagh

Jun 30, 2016

Dog farts can be reduced by a trip to the vet, increased exercise, a modified diet, or nutritional supplements. 

  1. Your vet can rule out serious health issues, such as inflammatory bowel disease or intestinal parasites, which cause excessive gas in dogs.

  2. More frequent walks or exercise will help get their digestive system moving.

  3. All-natural dog food, and NO human food, can aid in digestion and prevent nutrients from getting stuck in their colon. 

  4. Probiotics or prescription dog food can cure your dog’s frequent, pungent farts.

why does my dog fart so much
We’ve been blaming our own flatulence on our furry pals for centuries. Is it fair? No. Do they care? Probably not. We’re attempting to save face by passing the blame to our pup, but deep down, we all know a dog fart from a human one. 

Passing gas is totally natural for dogs. But if your pet is letting it rip all day long — or there is always a pungent, rotten, lingering odor — your pooch may be sick. Dogs fart a lot because of a number of variables, but as always, it’s best to make a trip to the vet to rule out any serious health issues. 

Why Do Dogs Fart? 

The same reason you do! Swallowed air has to come out of one end or the other, so if you never notice your dog belching … then it’s coming out the other end. Luckily, if the hot air exiting their rear is simply from swallowed air, the gas will likely be odorless. 

Gas is also caused by the bacterial fermentation of starch, fiber, and other difficult to digest foods. Normally, the fermented nutrients produce hydrogen, methane, and hydrogen sulphide gases, which are then expelled whenever your dog is cuddling in bed with you. 

If these nutrients are unable to break down and sit in the colon for longer than usual, they smell. Oh my goodness, do they smell. Keep in mind that dog farts are essential to your pooch having a healthy gastrointestinal system and absorbing the nutrients from their food.

Why Does My Dog Fart SO Much?

dog farting happy days
Certain breeds have a predisposition for being toot machines. Pugs, Bulldogs, and Boxers are brachycephalic dogs, which is a fancy word that means they have short or flat faces. The flat shape of their face means that they swallow more air while eating or drinking. So if your Puggle can clear a room, you can chalk a bit of it up to genetics.

Before you go shaming your pup for their stink bombs, keep in mind that there’s a good chance there is something, or a few things, you can do to reduce the frequency and stench of their gas.

Dogs Fart Because Of Serious Health Issues

Inflammatory bowel disease, intestinal parasites, or adverse reactions to food or meds can cause gnarly gas, so rule those out first. Once your vet says that your pup is all good on the inside, it’s time to think about what you’re doing to make little Duke an extra gassy guy.

Dogs Fart From Lack Of Exercise

Take them on more frequent and longer walks to get things moving! If they need a little motivation, buy some new toys and get them playing fetch on a regular basis.  

Dogs Fart Due To Diet

dog with bowl

Problem: Low-quality dog food is a common cause for lots of your pet’s silent-but-deadly gas. These kibbles are made with lots of wheat, corn, and soy, all of which give your pup a case of the sneaky stinkies. 
Solution: You can buy better quality kibble, or make homemade, healthy dog food for your fluffy butt. Just stay clear of cauliflower, cabbage, oat bran, dairy, and soybeans. Try this recipe instead

Problem: Too many treats! 
Solution: Don’t tell them we told you, but too many treats can also cause a backup in digestion which result in, yep, a nose hair-burning dog fart. Try carrots as a healthy treat option!

Problem: Sudden changes in diet.
Solution: Once you find a food plan that keeps your pet happy, stick to it. If you’re about to embark on a new doggy diet, do so gradually.  

Dogs Fart From Eating Too Quickly

Remember how Pugs and Boxers are naturally gaseous because they swallow more air while eating? If your pup is inhaling their food too quickly, they’ll run into the same problem.

Solution: Put a tennis ball inside their food bowl so that they have to gobble around it, instead of taking three giant bites and clearing the dish. There are also specially-made dog bowls to encourage slower eating. 

Other Causes Of An Eye-Watering Dog Fart

  • If you regularly feed your dog hooman food, stop! Carbohydrates and dairy can wreak havoc on a dog’s digestive system, so try cutting out those ingredients for a few weeks and see how it goes. Also, keep fatty foods away from their snout, and their tummy will thank you!

  • Make sure that their food is natural. No artificial flavoring, additives, or preservatives. 

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Other Treatment Options For Smelly Dog Farts

  • Ask your vet about supplements to give your pooch to help aid in digestion. Probiotics help even out the bacteria in their gut. If you can’t get your pooch to swallow pills, there are also prescription dog foods.

We know that organic dog food, trips to the vet, and nutritional supplements for your dog can be pricey, but remember that you aren’t just doing this to spare your nose the fumes. Your dog would do anything for you, so make sure that you treat them with the same love and respect by keeping them healthy. 

Does your dog fart a lot? Let us know if any of these tips work for you!