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Dog Car Seats And Other Pet Travel Accessories For The Fur Chauffeur

 Dog Car Seats And Other Pet Travel Accessories For The Fur Chauffeur

Written By Amica Graber

Jan 5, 2017

Driving with a dog is part of the pet-owning package. But for every dog that thinks heaven is an rolled-down window and a cool breeze against the ears, another is convinced that a car is a portal to hell on wheels. Having an anxious dog in the car is bad for your dog, and bad for the driver. Should your dog suddenly try to jump in your lap while driving, it could lead to an accident.

Before you travel with your pet, make sure that you have the correct equipment to ensure that your pup stays safe on the road.

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Dog In Car Law

It’s not just potentially dangerous to drive around with an unsecured dog — depending on where you live, it may also be illegal. Currently 16 states have laws protecting unattended dogs in hot cars. According to California law, you’re allowed to break a closed passenger window to rescue a dog left alone in a hot car.  While that’s rule number one of pet ownership, did you know about other laws regarding dogs in cars? 

According to a survey conducted by the AAA, a staggering one in five drivers admit to taking a hand off the wheel to prevent their dog from climbing in the front seat.

In the event of a crash, dogs can injure themselves or others. Aside from that, driving with an unsecured dog could cause an accident. 17% of drivers admit to driving with a dog in their lap, and in some states the law is cracking down on it.

  • In Hawaii, it’s illegal to drive with your dog in your lap. You could get a ticket, and be charged for driving with an unsecured pet in your vehicle
  • In Arizona, Connecticut, and Maine, a driver can be charged with distracted driving, if travelling with a pet in lap
  • In New Jersey, a police officer can pull you over if they suspect that you’re driving with an unsecured animal. You can get a ticket, and be charged under animal cruelty laws for driving with an unrestrained dog
  • Rhode Island has proposed a law to make driving with a pet on your lap a crime

If you’re in a collision with a pet on your lap, expect to get hit up with a distracted-driving charge no matter what state you’re in.

Not safe for you, not safe for Fido. Driving without properly ensuring your pet’s safety is a no-no. So what can you do to make sure you both stay safe on the road?

Dog Car Seats

If you have a small dog breed, a dog car seat ensures the safety of your pet. The best dog car seat on the market is from SleepyPod. Although it’s they may be pricey, SleepyPod is absolutely committed to making sure your pet is safe in a collision.

SleepyPod have developed crash test dog dummies, and have simulated crash-after-crash to ensure that their carriers are as safe as can be.


The SleepyPod mobile pet bed is a dog bed, a pet carrier and a car seat.

Dog booster seats are also useful if you have a tiny dog that is constantly trying to look out of the window. By securing your dog to a booster seat, your pup can stare out of the window while being safely fastened into their dog car seat.

Dog Car Harness

If you have a bigger dog, they’re probably not going to fit into a petite doggy car seat. But you can still buckle in your dog by buying a harness (if you don’t already own one) and an inexpensive dog seat belt, which clicks into the buckle and the dog harness simultaneously. The harness ensures that in the event of a crash, the pressure will be distributed evenly around the shoulders rather than putting pressure on the neck, which could result in death or injury.

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Dog Car Hammock

Another solution for a big dog that has aspirations of sitting in the driver’s seat is the dog car hammock. The hammock is easily installed and acts as a seat cover to protect your vehicle from muddy paws, while also providing a screen to prevent your dog from jumping — or being thrown forward in the event of a collision.

The Best Dog Car Seats



The pod is tried and tested, but only suitable for pets under 15 lbs — which rules out most dog breeds. If you have a larger animal, try the SleepyPod Clickit Dog Harness instead.

If you've ever worried that your dog may jump out the window, rest assured they're protected with a harness and seatbelt. 


Solvit Pet Safety Seat

This booster seat for dogs is cute and efficient. Crash tested and suitable for dogs up to 30 lbs, this is the perfect seat for function and pet comfort.


Acrabros Non-Slip Dog Hammock

If you love your dog, but find yourself getting tired of constantly trying to remove pet hair from your cat seats, double up on functionality with this dog hammock-slash-seat cover. Your seats will stay fresh, and your dog will be safe in the back seat.

Have you gone on a road trip with a four-legged friend? Do you have any tips to share? Leave them in the comments!