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Can Dogs Eat Peanuts? A Dog Owner’s Guide To Healthy Snacking!

Can Dogs Eat Peanuts? A Dog Owner’s Guide To Healthy Snacking!

Written By Meredith Kavanagh

Jun 14, 2016

Yes, dogs can eat peanuts! BUT (and this is one big, fluffy, ol’ butt) there are lots of rules around whether or not peanuts are bad for dogs, so make sure that you know the specifics. Anytime you’re giving your pup a new food, your first step should be to call your vet, but you can also turn to reliable websites such as this one to find the answer to your questions.

Can Dogs Eat Peanuts?

Most dog owners can recall a time when their pup ate something one would normally deem inedible.

“My dog eats his own poop!”

“My Martha ate an entire loaf of bread, plastic and all, and she was totally fine!”

“My boyfriend’s dog Baxter ate half of our Thanksgiving dinner, and he didn’t even flinch.”

can dogs eat peanuts

Just because some dogs have strong gastrointestinal systems, doesn’t mean that you should feed your pet any human food before doing some research. There are plenty of human foods dogs can safely eat, like carrots and homemade dog treats, and you can even make them a whole pot of homemade, healthy dog food in your slow cooker!

However, when it comes to any item from the nut family, proceed with caution.

Are Peanuts Bad For Dogs?

Peanuts are not toxic to dogs, but due to the nut’s high fat concentration, peanut intake should definitely be limited. Dogs have a tough time digesting fat, and too much of the food can cause lots of tummy problems, including vomiting and diarrhea. The only thing worse than watching your precious pup get sick is knowing that you could have prevented it. 

Another serious possible side effect of a high-fat diet for dogs is pancreatitis. Pancreatitis is when a dog’s pancreas becomes painfully inflamed after eating too many fatty foods. This condition is very painful for your pup and can be costly to treat.

can dogs eat peanuts sick puppy

Use Un-Salted Peanuts

Peanuts are also high in sodium, so if you’re going to bake some doggie desserts with peanuts OR peanut butter, make sure to buy unsalted or low-sodium varieties. If your pet’s sodium intake is too high, you may notice them drinking more water and urinating more frequently as their body attempts to process the salt more quickly. This can put stress on a dog’s circulatory system and kidneys, which can lead to swelling — and could possibly result in a sodium overdose. Plain, unsalted peanuts may be used in homemade dog treats. If you plan to use peanut butter, then make sure to keep reading!

Can Dogs Eat Peanut Butter?

Yes, dogs can eat peanut butter! Peanut butter has long been a favorite treat among the canine community, and while it’s still okay to stuff it inside their Kong and keep them entertained for hours, you have to read the labels.

Since high-fat peanut butter isn’t good for dogs, you may try to avoid the problem by buying “lite” or sugar-free versions of peanut butter. DO NOT DO THIS! Many of these low-fat options use an artificial sweetener called xylitol which is incredibly toxic to dogs. 

If you buy raw, unsalted peanut butter for your pooch, then all is well! Peanut butter is a good source of protein, and it contains healthy fats, vitamin E, niacin, and vitamin B. As with any treat, make sure to limit the amount you give your pup, and you won’t have to worry about them overindulging on the fatty snack!

can dogs eat peanut butter

Most Nuts ARE Dangerous For Dogs

We’ve explained how to make sure your dog safely eats peanuts: in moderation, and only raw or unsalted varieties. But other nuts pose a much higher risk for dogs. Macadamia nuts, pecans, walnuts, pistachios and almonds are all dangerous for dogs. So while you can now safely answer, “Can dogs eat peanuts?” by following the rules above, make sure that you also educate others.

Tell your family, friends, and anyone handling your pooch that they can only eat peanuts and peanut butter in moderation. Your ultra salty, flavored tin of mixed nuts must stay on the coffee table!

can dogs eat almond butter

Do you have a healthy recipe for peanut butter dog treats? Share with us in the comments, and we might feature it in our next recipe post!