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Can Dogs Eat Fruit? Find Out With This Infographic!

Can Dogs Eat Fruit? Find Out With This Infographic!

Written By Meredith Kavanagh

Apr 17, 2017

Yes, dogs can eat fruit. But also, no, dogs can’t eat fruit. Huh? 

Each fruit has thousands of variations (TIL there are 7500 types of apples!), so there is no simple answer to this question. The best we can do is tell you the popular fruits dogs can eat and which fruits they should never nibble!

There are many variables that come into account when it comes to your pup’s diet — like size, breed, and allergies — so always remember to tailor these rules to what you know about your dog’s health. If your doggo gets diarrhea from even looking at dairy, then steer clear from human food altogether.

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Another important reminder is to consult your vet before you introduce any new foods to your dog’s diet. Here at DogPack, we base all of our information on research and expert consensus, but nobody knows your pup’s body better than their V-E-T! 

Once you have the go-ahead to add fruits to Fido’s diet, stick to the fruits dogs can eat in small doses. Remember: your pup has a small stomach, and you’re giving them a brand-new combination of nutrients. So, a small dose really is a SMALL amount. 

Take care to properly prepare the fruit — seeds, stems, and leaves often pose risks for dogs. One last tip: due to the sugar content in fruit, even a small bite could cause diarrhea or an upset stomach, so monitor them closely when they’re trying a new food!

Can Dogs Eat Fruit? Infographic 

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