The Total And Complete List Of Hypoallergenic Dogs | Over 100 Sneeze-Free Dog Breeds

The Total And Complete List Of Hypoallergenic Dogs | Over 100 Sneeze-Free Dog Breeds

Written By Amica Graber

Jan 5, 2017

Before we get to our vast and expansive list covering hypoallergenic dog breeds, we felt compelled to begin this post with the one question every allergy-prone pupper lover wants to know.

Is There Really Such Thing As Hypoallergenic Dogs?

In a nutshell: no, not really. Humans can be allergic to different things in our four-legged friends, including dust mites and urine. But most people are allergic to dander, which are microscopic flecks of skin that fly off furry animals and trigger an allergic reaction.

By finding a low-dander dog, you’re also finding a dog that doesn’t shed. If the thought of constantly brandishing a lint roller gives you hives, a hypoallergenic dog breed is also for you.

Best Hypoallergenic Dogs

If a close encounter of the doggy kind leaves you with red eyes and a nasty wheeze, take comfort. You can still be a proud pet parent. But play it safe, and always visit your hypoallergenic dog for sale before you commit.

Which is the best hypoallergenic dog, anyway? Portuguese water dogs are often considered one of the best dog breeds for those with allergies. The following list contains non-shedding dogs, so if you have allergies to dog saliva or urine, read our tips for allergic dog owners at the end of this article.


List Of Hypoallergenic Dogs

Large Hypoallergenic Dogs

Small Hypoallergenic Dogs

Tips For People With Pet Allergies

  • Don’t let your dog sleep in your bedroom!
  • Invest in a high-quality vacuum, and keep all upholstery and carpets freshly vacuumed
  • Consider purchasing a HEPA air purifier, which will remove allergens from your environment
  • Wash your hands frequently
  • Ask your doctor about allergy shots!