This Animal Lover's Mansion Is What Dog Dreams Are Made Of

This Animal Lover's Mansion Is What Dog Dreams Are Made Of

Written By Rebecca Paredes

May 18, 2016

Are you an animal lover with a yearning to own your own dog park and mansion? Of course you are. Software executive and animal lover David Duffield understands and offers up this solution: his mansion, on sale for a cool $39 million.

Imagine you and Hot Dog walking up to this impressive Bay Area estate:

David Duffield, animal lover, sells mansion

Then Hot Dog gives you a look that says, "Let's go to the tree house." 

Normally, you'd think, "Wait, a treehouse? That's impossible."

Not for David Duffield. His mansion is outfitted with a tree house where you and your pooch can stay up late reading scary stories:

Animal lovers: head for the treehouse!

In addition to looking gorgeous and possessing everything a mansion should have (namely, tree house), this property comes with a few key features that make it a true animal lover paradise:

  • A dog park
  • Two paw-washing stations (as if one wasn't enough)
  • A soundproof aviary
  • A dog spa with a bath and grooming area
  • A gigantic pool

An Animal Lover With A Cause

Duffield wins extra bonus points because proceeds of the mansion's sale will benefit Maddie's Fund, a nonprofit animal welfare group. Maddie's Fund was started by Duffield and his wife, Cheryl, in memory of their Miniature Schnauzer, Maddie.

The Duffields have contributed more than $300 million for the nonprofit, which offers grants to no-kill animal shelters. So, even if you can't drop $39 mill on a mansion in the Bay Area, you can still check out Maddie's Fund — and the MaddieCam, a live stream from different shelters in the nonprofit's network!

But in the meantime — seriously, check out this home theater where you and Hot Dog can watch The Secret Life Of Pets:

Dog dreams abound in this mansion

What would you put in your perfect dog mansion? Let us know in the comments!