The Cavachon: The Friendliest Dog Breed In The World?

The Cavachon: The Friendliest Dog Breed In The World?

Written By Meredith Kavanagh

Aug 17, 2016

To say that dogs are friendly is such an unbelievable understatement, it’s borderline offensive. When dogs are properly socialized and trained, the majority of them are happy-go-lucky pups who love to play with canine and human friends alike! But we think we found a contender when it comes to the winning the trophy for friendliest dog in the world: a fluffy little friend-monger known as the Cavachon.


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What Is A Cavachon?

We’re so glad you asked! A Cavachon is the adorable outcome of breeding the elegant Cavalier King Charles Spaniel with the regal Bichon Frise. This mixed breed may not be a household name yet, but among dog enthusiasts and Cavachon breeders, Cavachons are known for their amiable personalities and ability to get along with almost anyone! 

Cavachons are a high-energy breed, but they only need about 30 minutes of daily exercise. What they really need is your love and attention. All pups live for your love, but Cavachons are such an affectionate breed that spending too much time away from you can be detrimental to their mental health.

If you frequently travel or work long hours, a Cavachon may not be for you. Make sure you have time in your life to shower your pup with snuggles and playtime before you adopt or buy a Cavachon.

Perks Of Owning A Cavachon

A Cavachon is more than a pretty face and a wagging tail. Here are a few bonus benefits of owning this breed.

  • They are considered hypoallergenic, which makes them a great option if most breeds give you a constant case of the sneezes.
  • They have relatively low exercise requirements.
  • As a mixed breed, they are generally healthy. As long as you maintain regular grooming and check ups, their predisposed afflictions can be avoided.
  • They are extremely amiable, so they do well in homes with other pets, young children, or lots of visitors.
  • They love everyone!

If you think this absurdly adorable pup might be for you, check out our Cavachon breed page for more details and to help you find a reputable Cavachon breeder.

A Cavachon Always Plays Well With Others

“Want me to befriend Cat? No problem.”


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“Strike a pose with my big, BIG bro? Sure, Dad!” 


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Friends with the ice cream man? You bet.

cavachon and friend

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A Cavachon Will Be Your Best Friend

All of the charming pups featured in this post were found on Instagram! If your fluffy angel was posted here and you’d prefer that they weren’t, please send us a message and we’ll take the image down. Thank you for sharing your cuddlebugs with us!

cavachon puppies

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